Meimon Taiyo Ferry KitakyushuII Review,Japan’s Overnight Ferry, How to Fare & Booking Method
Meimon Taiyo Ferry KitakyushuII Review,Japan’s Overnight Ferry, How to Fare & Booking Method

Meimon Taiyo Ferry “Ferry Kitakyushu II” entered service on the Shin Mojiko Port-Osaka Nanko route in Fukuoka Prefecture on November 29, 2015.

It is the successor to the Ferry Kitakyushu II, which operated from April 17, 1992 to November 27, 2015.

First-time passengers aboard the Osaka II may wonder, “How much does it cost?” What time does the ship depart? What is the interior of the ship like? Where is the boarding area? I am sure there are many things you are wondering about.

This time, we have actually boarded the ferry Kitakyushu II and would like to introduce the inside of the ship and what it was like to actually board the ship!

Ferry Kita Kyusyu II Vessel Introduction

Appearance of the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu II
  1. Overall length: 183 meters
  2. Gross Tonnage: 14,920 tons
  3. Cruising Speed: 23.2 knots (42.96 km/h)
  4. Passenger capacity: 713 passengers
  5. Cargo capacity: 105 passenger cars, 146 trucks

Access & Boarding Terminal

for Osaka

Izumiotsu Port Ferry Terminal

Boarding Terminal

Osaka Nanko Port


Approximately 4 minutes walk from Ferry Terminal Station

The Ferry Terminal Station is directly connected to the Meimon Taiyo Ferry waiting area by a long covered walkway, so you can head there without getting lost, even on rainy days.

Walking straight down the passageway, you will arrive at the waiting room on the second floor of Meimon Taiyo Ferry.

The boarding counter is on the first floor.


Nankai Bus Nanko Ferry Terminal Station (bus stop)

for Fukuoka

Shinmoji Port Prestigious Taiyo Ferry Terminal

Boarding Terminal

Shin Moji Port Ferry Terminal


Take the free liaison bus (*reservations required) from the Shinkansen Exit (North Exit) of JR Kokura Station (approx. 40 min.)

The waiting area for the Meimon Taiyo Ferry liaison bus is located at the North Exit of JR Kokura Station.

The Meimon Taiyo Ferry bus stop at Kokura Station had neither chairs nor a roof to protect it from the rain.

If there were a roof or chairs that could be used as a landmark, it would be easier to be visible from a distance.

Transfer to the free shuttle bus from Mojiko Station, about 20 minutes.

If you want to use the free shuttle bus with a wheelchair, you need to call at least one week before boarding and tell them you will be using a wheelchair.

Timetable of the free connecting bus

JR Kokura Station Shinkansen Exit (North Exit)JR Moji Station Osato Red Brick Town Exit (North Exit)Shin Mojiko Port Terminal

Boarding Fare

Suite22,390 yen
Deluxe19,890 yen
First A14,240 yen
First J14,240 yen
First B14,240 yen
First S11,840 yen
Private S10,840 yen
Tourist8,640 yen
Economy7,320 yen

There are a total of 9 room types on the Ferry Kita Kyusyu II.

The boarding fee is included in the room rate.

If you book online, you can get a 20% discount on the fare. I was able to board the 8,640-yen Tourist for 5,890 yen with the online discount!

Meimon Taiyo Ferry offers several more web-only discount services that may be available at even lower prices.

Room rates vary depending on the time of year, so please check the official website in advance!

▼ Meimon Taiyo Ferry official website

How to make a reservation

Reservations can be made online or by phone from 9:00 a.m. on the same day two months prior to the boarding date.

Online Reservations

Please note that online reservations must be made within 30 minutes of the start of the reservation or you will have to start over from the beginning.

▼ Meimon Taiyo Ferry official reservation site

Phone Reservations

Reservations can be made by phone at the Passenger Reservation Center.

Hours of operation for telephone reservations

9:00 to 18:30, all year round

▼ Meimon Taiyo Ferry Passenger Reservation Center



Departure numberShinmoji Port → Osaka NankoOsaka Nanko → Shinmoji Port
1st ship(17:00)17:00 → 05:30 17:00 → 05:30
2nd ship(19:50)19:50 → 08:30 19:50 → 08:30

Walking passengers must complete boarding procedures 30 minutes prior to departure, and car drivers must complete boarding procedures 60 minutes prior to departure during normal periods and 90 minutes prior to departure during peak periods.

Travel Time

The one-way trip takes approximately 12 hours and 40 minutes.

Lights out time

A sticker to warn you about going to bed on the prestigious ocean ferry

Only in Economy and Tourist cabins, lights are turned on and off at certain times.

There was a sticker in the aisle of the ship that read, “Please be quiet after 10:00 p.m.” Please be quiet after 10:00 p.m.” stickers were posted in the corridors.

Lights on and off for Economy and Tourist cabins

Departure numberOFF TIMELighting time
1st ship(17:00)21:304:00
2nd ship(19:50)22:306:20
The tourist room of the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2

This time I booked the second cheapest tourist type room on the ferry Kitakyushu II.

Tourist rooms are located on the 6th floor of the ship.

A bed in a tourist room on the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2

Tourist rooms have rooms next to each other, but there are curtains so that private space is maintained.

It looks small, but it is enough to lie down, so there was no problem.

However, since there is only one curtain, you may hear other people snoring, so if this bothers you, I recommend bringing earplugs.

The snoring problem depends on your luck, so pray for good luck (lol).

There was a shelf between the two beds that contained life jackets.

In-bed facilities

Drink holders, lighting, folding racks, hangers, and vents in the bed of the tourist room on the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2

There were hangers, movable shelves, storage hooks, lights, electrical outlets, vents, and fixed drink holders.

There was no breeze coming in or out of the vents at all.

We spent most of our time with our backpacks and other baggage on top of our heads.

If you are concerned about the safety of your backpack, try using the coin lockers on board!

Lighting in the bed of the tourist room of the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2

There is only one outlet hole, so I recommend bringing an item that can be extended.

I always have one just in case, so I used it with an extension.

With a small power strip, there is a light switch on the right side, so you can only expand up to 2 outlets, so it would be better to use a takoyaku wiring.

Since the power is up to 100V 560W, it seems that small 3-connection takko-shi wiring sold at 100 yen stores can be used without any problem.

Reference example of power

ClassificationWattage (W)
Type C quick charger for cell phones100W
Normal type charger for cell phones20~30W
Hair iron150W~240W
Hot curler45W~70W
Electric shaver10W
Single lens reflex camera3~4W
Notebook PC (MacBook Pro)67W

Ship Introduction

Entrance Hall

The stairs of the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2

The entrance hall is located on the 6th floor of the ship, right in front of the boarding gate.

Even during lights-out hours, the lights are always on except in the rooms, so if you can’t sleep, you can spend some time in the entrance hall.

The view from the second floor of the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2

Stairs in the center of the entrance provide access to the second floor.

The view is excellent and there is good access to all floors!

Wi-Fi is also available on board in the entrance and other public spaces!

Free Wi-Fi

Guide to using the free Wi-Fi onboard the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2

There was free Wi-Fi on board.

Free Wi-Fi is available only in public spaces.

When I went back to my room with the Wi-Fi connected, the connection was interrupted.

By the way, free Wi-Fi is available for 30 minutes at a time, up to 3 times a day.

The number of accesses is reset at midnight.

The inconvenient thing about this Wi-Fi is that you can only use it for 1 hour and 30 minutes in a day, and you have to reconnect every 30 minutes.

A bit of a hassle ( ´ ▽ ` ; )

Information Center & Shops

Prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2 Information Center and Shop

Information Center & Shop Hours

Departure numberBusiness Hours
1st ship(17:00)16:00~22:00/4:30 ~ until arrival at port
2nd ship(19:50)18:30~24:00/6:40 ~ until arrival at port

The information desk and store are located on the 6th floor near the boarding gate.

If you have any problems on board, please ask at the information desk.

Sweets, amenities, cup noodles, and drinks sold at the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2 shop

There is also a store next to the information center.

The store sold souvenirs of Fukuoka, instant ramen noodles, snacks, and other food items.

There is a water heater in the vending machine corner, so there were a few people who bought instant ramen noodles at the store and had a quick meal on the promenade.


Promenade of the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2

The Promenade is located on the 6th floor.

The Promenade is a place to eat or take a short rest.

It is equipped with windows, so you can also enjoy the view outside the next morning.

Restaurant with a view

Observation restaurant on the famous Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2

Opening hours of the observation restaurant

Departure numberDinnerBreakfast
1st ship(17:00)17:00 ~ 20:004:30 ~ 20 minutes before port entry
2nd ship(19:50)19:00 ~ 21:306:40 ~ 20 minutes before port entry

The observation restaurant is located on the 6th floor.

Breakfast and dinner are served in the observation restaurant on board.

Buffet in the fine-view restaurant on the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2

The restaurant is buffet style, all you can eat if you pay first!

Make sure you get a seat before you take your food!

A window seat in a restaurant on the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2 and a plate with dinner dishes

The restaurant is spacious, and if you get a window seat, you can dine with a view of the outside during the voyage.


A plate with dinner on the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2

I will note the dishes that were available when I boarded the ship!

The dishes will change depending on the time of embarkation.


  • Shio Yakisoba
  • Sauce Yakisoba
  • Meatballs
  • Pot-au-feu
  • Chikuwa Tempura
  • Kabocha and Edamame (pumpkin and soybeans)
  • Potato, German Potato
  • Mimigar (pig’s ear)
  • Boiled Shrimp
  • Sashimi
  • Aosa konnyaku
  • Fried chicken stick
  • Fried horse mackerel

With the 17:00 departure of the ship, only breakfast was not a buffet.


  • 2 kinds of daily bread
  • Egg dish
  • Salad
  • Mini Jam
  • Margarine
  • Beverage (coffee, tea, milk, orange juice)

Observation Restaurant Rates

AdultchildInfant (4-5 years old)
Dinner buffet1,600 yen1,100 yen500 yen
Breakfast300 yen300 yenFree

Alcoholic beverage

Draft beer medium *Vending machine500yen
Kurokirishima (Sweet potato Shochu) 200ml320yen
Kurokirishima (Sweet potato Shochu) 900ml1,100yen
Kuroisanishiki (Sweet potato Shochu) 200ml320yen
Kuroisanishiki (Sweet potato Shochu) 900ml1,100yen
Shiroshika (Nama Sake)740yen
Wine (red and white)1,260yen
Bottled beer (medium)500yen
Hakudake (rice Shochu) 900ml1,050yen
Gekkeikan (Sake) 180ml380yen

TV Lounge

The TV lounge of the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2

The TV Lounge is located on the 6th floor.

It is a rest area with a large LCD TV.

There were several people who spent time in the TV lounge during boarding.

Kids’ Room

Kid's room on the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2

The kids’ room is located on the 6th floor.

The kids’ room is great for those with small children.

There were also sofas for parents to sit on.

It is located near the entrance on the 6th floor, so it is rather easy to find.


Toilet on the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2

Two restrooms, one for men and one for women, are located on the 6th and 7th floors of the ship.

Only one accessible toilet was located in front of the economy room on the 6th floor.

Game Corner

The game corner of the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2

The game corner is located on the 6th floor.

There are several UFO catchers and slot machines set up, so it looks like a good place to pass the time ( ´ ▽ ` )

The game corner can be used at any time from departure to disembarkation!

Vending machine corner

Vending machine corner of the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2

The vending machine area is located on the 6th floor next to the boarding gate.

You can purchase sips, tea, alcohol, cup noodles, etc. from the vending machines.

There are vending machines on other floors as well, but cup noodles can only be purchased at the vending machine corner on the 6th floor.

Free drinking water is available at the vending machine corner, and I was able to quench my thirst with a disposable paper cup nearby!

There was also a microwave oven, so you can heat up the convenience store lunch boxes you brought.

Coin lockers, cell phone chargers, pay phones, smoking room

Coin lockers, public telephones, smartphone charging stations, and smoking rooms on the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2

Near the entrance on the 6th floor are a smoking room, coin lockers, a safety deposit box, a cell phone charger, and a pay phone.

The safety deposit box is available free of charge, but storage is limited to small items such as wallets and cell phones.

Cell phone chargers compatible with iPhone and Android phones are available for 100 yen per 30 minutes.

Two smoking rooms were provided, one on the 6th and 7th floors and one on the 8th floor.

Inside, the rooms are simple and equipped with a pipe to sit on, an ashtray, a trash can, and an air purifier.

Satellite Public Telephone

First call (34 seconds) 100 yen
Additional call (60 seconds) 100 yen

Coin-operated lockers

100 yen Small (39 cm long x 35 cm wide x 45 cm deep)
200 yen Medium (53 cm (L) x 35 cm (W) x 45 cm (D))
300 yen Large (80 cm (L) x 35 cm (W) x 51 cm (D))

Shower room

Information board showing the opening hours of the shower room on the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2

Shower room usage hours

Departure numberUsage time
1st ship(17:00)16:00~Up to 10 minutes before port arrival
2nd ship(19:50)18:30~Up to 10 minutes before port arrival

Shower rooms are located on the 6th floor.

Shower rooms are recommended for those who do not want to take a long soak like in the large bathrooms, but only want to cleanse their bodies!

Washstand in the shower room of the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2

The washbasin was equipped with a hair dryer.

There are only two hair dryers, so if there is a crowd, it is like sharing a hair dryer.

Inside the shower room of the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2

Turn the lever on the right side toward you to release hot water.

The deeper you turn it, the longer hot water comes out.

Shampoo, rinse, and conditioner installed in the shower room of the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2

The shower room had body soap, conditioner, and shampoo.

There are no towels or other amenities, so you will need to bring your own toothbrush, change of clothes, and towels.

Bathroom with a view

Men's bathroom on the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2

Hours of use of the observation bathroom

Departure numberUsage time
1st ship(17:00)16:00~22:00 *CLOSED in the morning
2nd ship(19:50)18:30~24:00/06:00~Up to 10 minutes before port arrival

There is a large bath fu with a large window in the observation bathroom.

We recommend taking a morning bath in the early morning so that you can enjoy the outside view while bathing.

Lounge with a view

Observation lounge of the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2

The observation lounge was located on the seventh floor of the ship.

The observation lounge is a resting spot where one can view the outside scenery from inside.

The lounge was furnished with a large window and several sofas and chairs.

There were fewer lights than in other areas of the lounge, creating a more relaxed atmosphere.

Observation Deck

The observation deck of the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Kitakyushu 2

The observation decks on each floor can be accessed during the voyage.

During the voyage, the ship passes under the bridges of each prefecture, so you can see the bridges if you go out on the observation deck at the scheduled time of passage!

Passing times of the three bridges

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge, Seto Ohashi Bridge
Departure numberSea routeKurushima Straits BridgeGreat Seto BridgeAkashi Straits Bridge
1st ship(17:00)Shin Moji Port→Osaka Nanko22:3000:4504:10
2nd ship(19:50)Shin Moji Port→Osaka Nanko01:2503:4007:10
1st ship(17:00)Osaka Nanko → Shin-Moji Port23:5021:3518:10
2nd ship(19:50)Osaka Nanko → Shin-Moji Port02:5000:3021:05

To close

This time we boarded the Ferry Kita Kyusyu II, a new vessel of the prestigious Taiyo Ferry Co.

The interior of the ship was very clean, spacious, and comfortable, with a fresh design based on white and blue tones!

Even with breakfast and dinner included, we were able to board for less than 8,000 yen one way.

It was a real pleasure to be able to spend so much time in the lap of luxury on a ferry, and the large size of the ship meant that the boat did not rock at all, and I did not get drunk at all!

If you are planning to board the ferry Kitakyushu II, please be careful!

Have a nice boat trip!\(´∀`*)/

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