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Japan’s Hankyu Ferry Hibiki Boarding Review🛳How to Fare & Access

The Hibiki, a Hankyu Ferry service connecting Osaka and Fukuoka or Kobe and Fukuoka, started service on April 21, 2015.

This time I had plans to travel from Fukuoka Prefecture to Osaka Prefecture, so I boarded the Hibiki on the Izumiotsu-Shin Moji route.

If you are planning to take the Hankyu Ferry Hibiki for the first time, you may be asking yourself, “How much is the boarding fee? What time does the ferry depart? What’s it like on board? Where is the boarding area? I am sure there are many things you are wondering about.

This time, we have actually boarded the Hankyu Ferry Hibiki and would like to introduce the inside of the ship and our impressions of the actual boarding experience.

Ferry Hibiki Vessel Introduction

  1. Ship Name : Hankyu Ferry Hibiki
  2. Date of Launch : April 21, 2015
  3. Length : 195 meters
  4. Gross Tonnage : 16,040 tons
  5. Sailing Speed : 23.5 knots (43.52km/h)
  6. Passenger Capacity : 625 passengers
  7. Cargo capacity: 188 passenger cars, 277 trucks

Access & Boarding Terminal


Boarding from Osaka (Izumiotsu)

Boarding Terminal

Hankyu Ferry Izumiotsu Terminal

How to Access

Approximately 1 minute walk from Izumiotsu Ferry Terminal (bus stop)

Those who take the connecting bus from JR Izumifuchu Station must pay a fee (270 yen for adults, 140 yen for children).

Those who take the bus from Nankai Izumiotsu Station pay no fee!

Timetable of the connecting bus

Bus stop時刻
JR Izumifuchu Station (bus stop)16:05
Nankai Izumiotsu Station (bus stop)16:30
Izumiotsu Ferry Terminal16:45

Boarding from Hyogo (Kobe)

Boarding Terminal

Hankyu Ferry Kobe Terminal (Rokko Island)

How to access

The shuttle bus to Kobe Port is charged (230 yen for adults, 120 yen for children), but it is free for those who board from Island Kitaguchi Station (bus stop)!

Departure time of ferry to Shin Moji – 18:30 (Sun ~ Thu)

cost moneycost moneycost moneyfree
Hanshin Electric Railway Mikage Station→Hankyu Railway Mikage Station→JR Sumiyoshi Station→From Island Kitaguchi Station (Rokko Liner)→Via ferry ‘Sunflower’ stop→Kobe Ferry Pier

Departure time of ferry to Shinmoji – 20:00 (Fri and Sat)

cost moneycost moneycost moneyfree
Hanshin Electric Railway Mikage (bus stop)→Hankyu Railway Mikage Station (bus stop)→JR Sumiyoshi Station(bus stop)→From Island Kitaguchi Station – Rokko Liner(bus stop)→Via ferry ‘Sunflower’ stop→Kobe Ferry Pier

The Hankyu Ferry Kobe terminal was located next to the Miyazaki-bound terminal of the “Ferry Sunflower”.

If you are heading there by courtesy bus, make sure not to mistake the terminal for the Hankyu Ferry, as it is the last stop!

Boarding from Fukuoka (Shin Moji)

Boarding Terminal : Shin Moji Port Terminal 1 [bound for Kobe]

Boarding Terminal 2, Shin-Mojiko Port [bound for Izumiotsu]

How to access

The bus to Izumiotsu in Osaka leaves only once a day at 16:10, but the bus to Kobe in Hyogo Prefecture leaves twice a day at 17:20 and 18:40.

Free shuttle buses are available from Kokura Station and Moji Station in Fukuoka Prefecture.

I summarized the timetable of the shuttle bus to Hankyu Ferry and the schedule of the departure time of the ship in the table.

It takes about 35 minutes by bus from JR Kokura Station to Shinmoji Port, and about 20 minutes from JR Moji Station to Shinmoji Port.

Hankyu Ferry Shin Mojiko Bus Schedule

JR Kokura Station Shinkansen ExitJR Moji StationShin Moji Ferry Terminal
To Izumiotsu (daily)16:10→16:25→16:45
To Kobe (Sun ~ Thu)17:20→17:35→17:55
To Kobe (Fri and Sat)18:40→18:55→19:15

It takes about 35 minutes from JR Kokura Station to Shin Moji Port by bus, and about 20 minutes from JR Moji Station to Shin Moji Port.


Sea routeSailing time
Shinmonji → Izumiotsu17:30 → 06:00 (Daily)
Izumiotsu → Shinmonji17:30 → 06:00 (Daily)
Shinmoji → Kobe18:40 → 07:10 (Sun ~ Thu) , 20:00 → 08:30 (Fri and Sat)
Kobe→ Shinmoji18:30 → 07:00 (Sun ~ Thu) , 20:00 → 08:30 (Fri and Sat)

All one-way flights take approximately 12 hours and 30 minutes.

Bording Fare


Hankyu Ferry has three different periods: normal, peak, and special periods, each with different rates.

Depending on the time of year, you may be able to board the ferry at a discount rate!

ClassFare (regular period)
RoyalAdult – 26,190 yen
Child – 13,100 yen
SuiteAdult – 19,890 yen
Child – 9,950 yen
Deluxe Japanese/Western Style RoomAdult – 14,660 yen
Child – 7,330 yen
Deluxe Western-style room for 2Adult – 14,660 yen
Child – 7,330 yen
Deluxe Japanese style roomAdult – 14,660 yen
Child – 7,330 yen
Deluxe SingleAdult – 12,040 yen
Child – 6,020 yen
Deluxe Western-style room for 4 personsAdult – 10,470 yen
Child – 5,240 yen
Standard Western-style roomAdult – 8,370 yen
Child – 4,190 yen
Standard Japanese-style roomAdult – 7,320 yen
Child – 3,660 yen

There are a total of nine room types.

The fee during peak season and special periods is about +800 yen on top of the regular fee.

Boarding fares vary depending on the time of year, so please check the official website for details.

▼ Hankyu Ferry official website


How to make a reservation

Reservations can be made from 9:00 a.m. on the same day two months in advance.

Reservations at the counter

Reservations can be made at the Hankyu Ferry ticket counters located in the three ports of Shinmoji, Kobe, and Izumiotsu.

A completed form must be submitted to the counter to make a purchase.

Reservations by phone

Shinmoji Boarding Terminal093-481-6581
Kobe Boarding Terminal078-857-1211
Izumiotsu Boarding Terminal0725-22-7171

Online reservations (the cheapest way to buy!)

For online reservations, you can purchase a boarding ticket at a 20% discount if you register for a free membership called “FUNET Reservation” and make an advance reservation on the Internet.

During the regular period when I boarded the ferry, the price for a deluxe single berth was 11,940 yen, but since I made a reservation online, the 20% online reservation discount was applied and I was able to board the ferry for 9,640 yen.

▼Hankyu Ferry Official Website reservations form



Lights on/off times are fixed only for standard Japanese-style, Western-style, and single rooms.

Lights on/off times for standard Japanese-style, Western-style, and single rooms

Sea routeOff timeLighting time
Shinmoji ⇄ Izumiotsu(Daily)22:0005:00
Shinmoji ⇄ Kobe(Sun ~ Thu)22:0006:00
Shinmoji ⇄ Kobe(Fri and Sat)23:0007:00

The room will be lit shortly before the next morning’s morning shipboard announcement.


This time I booked the most expensive single room on Ferry Hibiki, the “Deluxe Single”.

Since it was a private room, I received a room key card with my boarding ticket!

The magnetic part of this key card is very delicate, so if you carry it with your phone, it will break easily.

I had it in my wallet, but it still broke.

You can take your room key card back with you as a memento of your embarkation!


Standard Western-style rooms are located on the 7th floor of the ship.

The deluxe single room has one bed, a washstand, and a work desk.

The bed looks small, but when I actually lay down on it, the size was normal since it is for one person.

It would have been nice to have a washbasin in the room, but if I had wanted, I would have thought it would have been great if the room had a window to look out since it is the most expensive single occupancy room (lol).


There was a TV on the wall of the room.

It was nice to be able to watch TV while sleeping, but when I actually watched the TV, the signal was bad and the picture was very choppy ( ´ ▽ ` ; )

To use an analogy, it was like watching TV on a slightly older model car navigation system (lol).

When the signal was good, it was smooth, but the picture was still a little sluggish.


There is also a card key storage area, hangers, lights, electrical outlets, air conditioning, shoehorns, and a volume control dial for the onboard speakers.

Air conditioning is provided so you can stay at the temperature you want!


On the desk was a water heater, hojicha (Japanese tea), cups, towels, slippers, pocket tissues, a booklet with information about onboard facilities, a television remote control, and a robe.

remote control, and a robe.


The room has power outlets at the bedside and at the washbasin.

The outlet near the bedside was surprisingly far from the bed, so I recommend bringing a power strip that can be extended.

I always have one on hand just in case, so I used an extension.

The power of the outlet hole is up to 125V1200W, so you can extend it with a small 3-outlet takkotsu wiring sold at 100 yen stores to charge your phone or camera all together!

Reference example of power

ClassificationWattage (W)
Type C quick charger for cell phones100W
Normal type charger for cell phones20~30W
Hair iron150W~240W
Hot curler45W~70W
Electric shaver10W
Single lens reflex camera3~4W
Notebook PC (MacBook Pro)67W

Ship Introduction



The lobby was right in front of us as we boarded the ship.

In terms of the ship’s structure, the lobby was on the 5th floor and blew up to the 7th floor.

The color of the ship is yellow, and it is very glamorous!

It’s hard to believe that it’s built inside a ship ( ・∇・ ; )

Free Wi-Fi is available on the Hankyu Ferry, but it is out of range when you are in your room, such as in your bedroom.

If you go to the lobby or other public spaces, you will be able to connect, so if you need internet access, please head to the lobby.

Free Wi-Fi on board


The free onboard Wi-Fi service table also indicated that it was available in the lobby.

The SSID is assigned the letters “HANKYUFERRY” followed by a number from 16 to 18, so please select the one that seems to have a good signal and try connecting.

By the way, Wi-Fi is available for 30 minutes for logging in on the first floor, and up to 4 floors per day, which is about 2 hours per day.

The count resets at midnight.

The speed is below normal, but I was able to comfortably browse the Internet and play videos at high quality settings!

Elevator on board


The elevators are located in the center of each floor.

The elevator is located behind the TV in the center of the entrance.


Barrier-free ramps allow wheelchair users to move easily to each floor.

Information Center and Shops


Information Center and Shops Hours

Shinmoji ⇄ IzumiotsuWhen embarking~22:00 / 5:00~ until the ship arrives at port
Shinmoji ⇄ Kobe(Sun ~ Thu)When embarking~22:00 / 6:00~ until the ship arrives at port
Shinmoji ⇄ Kobe(Fri and Sat)When embarking~23:00 / 7:00~ until the ship arrives at port

The store and information desk were located on the fifth floor of the ship.

The staff at the information desk broadcasts the ship’s announcements.


Amenity goods such as towels, slippers, shampoo, and razors are sold at the ship’s store, so those who could not prepare shower goods in advance can get them at the store!

The store also sells exclusive onboard goods and alcoholic beverages, so it is recommended to have an evening drink in the public spaces on each floor 🥂.



The restaurant was located on the 6th floor of the ship.

Restaurant Hours

Shinmoji ⇄ Izumiotsu (Daily)Evening – 17:30 – 20:00
Morning – 05:00 ~ before port
Shinmoji ⇄ Kobe (Sun ~ Thu)Evening – 18:30 ~ 21:00
Morning – 06:00 ~ before port
Shinmoji ⇄ Kobe (Fri and Sat)Evening – 19:00 ~ 21:30
Morning – 07:00 ~ before port

Hankyu Ferry restaurants are cafeteria-style, with prices set for each dish.

You put the dish you want to eat on a tray and bring it to the cashier to pay.

The restaurant is very spacious and has plenty of seating!

After receiving your meal, salad eaters pour the dressing provided, put disposable chopsticks and forks on the tray and take it to your seat.


There is a table for four by the window so you can enjoy your meal while enjoying the view outside.

If you have a seat with a window, you can enjoy the view even more.

The best part of being on a ship is eating while looking out at the sea (^O^)

I recommend you to have a window seat when you get on the ship!


I looked around the entire place and saw that there were condiments on every seat.

Drinks are free with free refills of water, hot water, and tea.

Restaurant Menu (Dinner)

  1. Steak Teppan 1,200 yen, daily special Teppan-yaki 850 yen and up, Steak Donburi 1,250 yen, etc.
  2. Gourmet Kyushu goodies – Sara udon 690 yen, chicken nanban 560 yen, char-grilled chicken 410 yen, etc.
  3. Chinese and steamed dishes – Bean-curd soup with hot sauce (mapo doufu): 510 yen, hapohao chai (Chinese dish with eight treasures): 510 yen, etc.
  4. Stewed and simmered fish – Oden 120 yen, simmered beef 410 yen, recommended simmered dishes 310 yen and up, etc.
  5. Grilled and deep-fried dishes – Ginger yaki 460 yen, karaage 500 yen, etc.
  6. Kyushu fish dishes – Kurose Buri, Kanmon Octopus, Miyabi Sea Bream, etc. from 460 yen, etc.
  7. Salads and small bowls of food – vegetable salad 260 yen and up, vinegared motsu 320 yen, cod roe 310 yen, etc.
  8. Desserts – Fruit punch 310 yen, coffee jelly 260 yen, etc.
  9. Rice – Rice 200 yen, rice with 16 grains 200 yen, Takana rice balls 260 yen, curry rice 650 yen, etc.
  10. Soup – Miso soup 150 yen, pork soup 260 yen, shellfish soup 260 yen, seasonal soups 250 yen and up, etc.

Restaurant Menu (Breakfast)

  1. Toast 210 yen
  2. Bacon and eggs 280 yen
  3. Fried eggs 180 yen
  4. Grilled fish 210 yen and up
  5. Vegetable salad 260 yen and up, etc.
  6. Chilled tofu 150 yen, cod roe 310 yen, etc.
  7. Natto (fermented soybeans) 90 yen
  8. Morning udon and soba 400 yen
  9. Miso soup 150 yen
  10. Rice 200 yen
  11. Other

The restaurant menu is extensive, with different dishes available for “dinner” after the ship leaves port and for “breakfast” the next day.

There are also seasonal menus that vary depending on the time of year you board the ship.

After the restaurant closes, it is open to the public as an open space.



The promenade is located on the 6th floor next to the restaurant.

There are many windows so you can see the outside scenery during the voyage!

There are chairs and desks on the promenade, so there were many people eating their lunch or other food they brought.

Game Corner


The game corner was located on the fifth floor.

The game corner had several UFO catchers and slot machines.

It is nice to have a little place to play on a ship that tends to be boring.

The game corner can be accessed at any time from the time of embarkation until the ship enters port!

Kids’ Room


There was also a place for young children to play.

There was a small slide and a TV where they could play a little while watching cartoons.

Incidentally, Tom and Jerry was playing on the TV.

It is located in front of the lobby, so parents can sit in the lobby and watch their children.

The kids’ corner can be accessed at any time from the time of embarkation until the ship arrives in port.



The restrooms on board were neat and clean.

There are two men’s and two women’s restrooms on the 5th and 6th floors, and one on the 7th floor.


There is a multipurpose restroom only on the 5th floor, but there is a diaper changing table.

It is good that the ferry has nursing rooms, kids’ rooms, and other facilities for passengers with babies on board ( ´ ´ ´ ´ ).

Smoking room


There are two smoking areas, one each on the 5th and 6th floors and one on the 7th floor.

There were two curved poles to sit on for a moment.

Hot water supply room


Cold water is available in the hot water room.

There are paper cups near the water machine, so if you get thirsty, you can come to the hot water room to quench your thirst!

Hot water is also available.

Vending Machine Corner


In addition to vending machines selling drinks such as juice and tea, there were also vending machines selling cup noodles.

The vending machine corner was also equipped with a machine for charging smartphones and a microwave oven for heating food.

I appreciated this because I could heat up onigiri (rice balls), bread, etc. to eat.


There was also a vending machine dedicated to alcohol!

Relaxation room


The relaxation room was located on the 5th floor of the ship.

The relaxation room could be used at any time from the time of embarkation to before the ship entered port!

There were 3 massage chairs available for 200 yen per 15 minutes.

It is available anytime from embarkation to disembarkation.

Karaoke Room


Karaoke room hours

Embarkation – before lights out

カラオケルーム 使用料金


There were two karaoke rooms, A and B, on the 5th floor near the ship’s parking lot.

Observation Room


Observation Room Hours

Shinmonji ⇄ Izumiotsu(Daily)Night – When boarding ~ 22:00
Morning – Not available
Shin-Monji ⇄ Kobe (Sun ~ Thu)Night – When boarding ~ 22:00
Morning – Not available
Shin-Monji ⇄ Kobe (Fri and Sat)Night – When boarding ~ 23:00
Morning – Not available

The observation room was located on the sixth floor of the ship.

The observation room had a completely different and more relaxed atmosphere than the public spaces on the ship.


We went to the observation room as soon as we left the ship and we could see the ocean from the window of the room!

It was very quiet and very cozy.

I highly recommend it to couples as it is too romantic!

Open-air bath and large bath

Left : Red curtain for women only, Right : Blue curtain for men only

Public bath hours

Shinmonji ⇄ Izumiotsu(Daily)Night – upon embarkation – 22:00
Morning – 04:30 until the ship enters port
Shin-Monji ⇄ Kobe (Sun ~ Thu)Night – upon embarkation – 22:00
Morning – 06:00 until the ship enters port
Shin-Monji ⇄ Kobe (Fri and Sat)Night – upon embarkation – 23:00
Morning – 06:30 until the ship enters port

The large bathroom was located on the seventh floor.

The blue curtain is for men and the red curtain is for women.

From the bathtubs in the large baths, it looks like you can see the whole ocean during the voyage.

In addition to the large baths, there were also private shower rooms.

Shower room


Shower rooms are available at any time from the time of embarkation until before embarkation.

The time it takes for the hot water to come out varies depending on the strength of the angle you press.

When I used the shower, I measured the time that the hot water kept coming out by feel, and it was about 30 seconds at the maximum.

Rinse-in shampoo and body soap are provided in the shower room.

A small window in the shower room offers a view of the outside!

The observation deck


The observation deck was located on the seventh floor, the top floor of the ship.

The observation deck had a few chairs and tables.

It is sometimes crowded with passengers when the ship passes through the three major bridges or when it leaves port.

Time schedule of the bridges that the ship passes through during the voyage


The Hankyu Ferry passes under three large bridges.

You don’t usually see many bridges, but the position directly under a bridge hanging over the sea is especially difficult to see.

The boat passengers are privileged to see the huge bridges from directly below, so please try to time your visit to take a look!

Shinmoji – Izumiotsu route

Sea routeKurushima Kaikyo BridgeGreat Bridge SetoAkashi Kaikyo Bridge
Shinmonji ⇒ Izumiotsuabout 23:00about 01:00about 04:40
Izumiotsu ⇒ Shinmonjiabout 00:00about 21:40about 18:35

Shinmoji – Kobe route

Sea routeKurushima Strait BridgeGreat Bridge SetoAkashi Kaikyo Bridge
Shinmoji ⇒ Kobe(Sun ~ Thu)about 00:15about 02:20about 05:50
Shinmoji ⇒ Kobe(Fri and Sat)about 01:25about 03:35about 07:10
Kobe ⇒ Shinmoji(Sun ~ Thu)about 01:05about 22:45about 19:30
Kobe ⇒ Shinmoji(Fri and Sat)about 02:35about 00:15about 21:00

To close

In this article, I would like to introduce my experience aboard the Hankyu Ferry “Hibiki”!

The journey from Fukuoka (Shin Moji Port) to Osaka (Izumiotsu Port) took about 12 hours and 30 minutes, but unlike an overnight bus, I was able to stretch out and sleep, walk around the ship, and take a bath, so it was a very comfortable experience.

For those who live in the city of Fukuoka Prefecture, it takes about 2 hours in total to get to the port from Hakata by train or bus to get the cheapest fare!

If you are planning to take the Hankyu Ferry Hibiki, please be careful.

Have a nice boat trip! \(^-^)/

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