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Japan’s Okikisen Ferry Oki Boarding Review🛳How to Fare & Booking

Ferry Oki started service on April 1, 2004.

It is a car ferry with a gross tonnage of 2,366 tons that connects the mainland of Shimane and Tottori prefectures with Oki Island.

First-time visitors to the ferry Kunigani may ask questions such as “How much does it cost? What time does the ferry depart? What’s it like on board? Where is the boarding area? I think there are a lot of things to wonder about.

This time, we actually boarded the ferry Kunigaga from Saigou Port to Shichirui Port, and we would like to introduce the inside of the boat and our impressions of the actual boat ride.

The situation when we took the ferry Kuniga from Sakaiminato to Saigou Port is introduced in another article, so please check it out if you are interested in the ferry!

▼Article on Boarding Ferry Kuniga

Ferry Oki Introduction

  1. Date of Launch : April 1, 2004
  2. Length : 99.50 meters
  3. Gross Tonnage : 2,366 tons
  4. Cruising speed: 20.46 knots (37.89 km/h)
  5. Passenger capacity: 822 passengers
  6. Cargo capacity: 26 passenger cars, 20 8-ton trucks

How to Access & Boarding point


Boarding from Tottori

Boarding Terminal

Sakaiminato Port


About 1 min. walk from JR Sakaiminato Station

About 2 minutes on foot from Sakaiminato (bus stop)

Boarding from Shimane

Boarding Terminal

Shichirui Port


Approximately 2 minutes walk from Meteo Plaza (bus stop)

Boarding from Oki Islands Dogo (Oki Island Town)

Boarding Terminal

Saigo port


Approx. 2 minutes walk from Port Plaza (bus stop)

Boarding from Oki Islands Dozen (Ama Town)

Boarding Terminal

Hishiura Port


Approximately 2 minutes walk from Oki Kisen boarding gate (bus stop)

Boarding from Oki Islands Dozen (Nishinoshima Town)

Boarding Terminal

Beppu Port(Nishinoshima)


Short walk from Beppu Port Ferry Terminal (bus stop)

Boarding from Oki Islands Dozen (Chibu Village)

Boarding Terminal

Kurii Port


Approximately 1 minute walk from Raii Port Ferry Terminal (bus stop)

Boarding Fare

Mainland ~ Oki Island Town(Dogo)Oki Island Town(Dogo) ~ Oki Island Town(Dozen)Beppu(Dozen) ~ Hishiura(Dozen)Beppu(Dozen) ~ Kurii(Dozen)Kurui(Dozen) ~ Beppu(Dozen)
Special class8,890 yen4,120 yen1,150 yen2,040 yen2,040 yen
Special quality class7,930 yen3,630 yen830 yen1,730 yen1,730 yen
1st class6,360 yen2,910 yen650 yen1,390 yen1,390 yen
Special 2nd class4,520 yen2,120 yen630 yen1,040 yen1,040 yen
2nd class3,510 yen1,600 yen410 yen780 yen780 yen

The boarding ticket was a thick cardboard.

The ticket can only be used on the day of purchase.

There are five room types: special, first-class, first-class, second-class, and second-class.

The cheapest room is a 2nd class room and the most expensive is a special room.

The last time I boarded Ferry Kuniga, I boarded the cheapest 2nd class room, so this time I reserved a private room in the cheapest class (Western-style room).

Special room (most secure room)


The special rooms are located further up the stairs.

The cheapest private rooms are available in Western and Japanese style, but this time I chose the Western type.

There were two beds, although I was alone.

The beds have curtains so you can sleep in total darkness even during the daytime.

It was like a whole room in a high compartment type room that you often see on large ships.


The room has a TV, outlet holes, slippers, storage shelves, and an air purifier.

The air purifier was self-adjustable.

Surprisingly good ones were placed, but there was no water in the air purifier and the tray did not seem to be cleaned, and the red mark was blinking all the time.

Channels available on board

  • 1ch Nihonkai TV
  • 2ch E-Tele Matsue
  • 3ch NHK Sogo Matsue
  • 4ch NHK Sogo Tottori
  • 5ch E Television Tottori
  • 6ch BSS TV
  • 8ch San-in Chuo Television

How to make a reservation


Oki Kisen only accepts online reservations for the high-speed boat Rainbow Jet.

Reservations are not accepted for passengers boarding the large ferries Oki, Kuniga, and Shirashima, except for rooms in the second class and higher.

I boarded the cheapest private room, so I made a reservation by phone in advance.

What I noticed when I boarded the ship this time

Special 2nd class room

The photo shows a second class room, which costs 1,000 yen more than the cheapest second class room, but it was almost fully occupied.

It was not a peak season or anything, but the other rooms were also almost fully occupied.

The 2nd class and extra 2nd class rooms are for sleeping together, and there are many pillows in the shelves on the wall, so you can take as many pillows as you need.

During peak season, the rooms seem to fill up quickly ( ´ ▽ ` ; )

A limited number of blue blankets are also available, but they can be rented for 30 yen each, so during cold weather, try putting 30 yen in the fare box to use a blanket.


Ferry OkiFerry KunigaFerry ShirashimaFerry Shirashima
Sakaiminato Port(Sakaiminato City)Departure – 14:25
Shichirui Port(Matsue City)Departure – 9:00Departure – 9:30
Kurii Port(Chibu Village)Arrival – 11:30
Departure – 13:35
Beppu Port(Nishinoshima Town)Arrival – 12:05
Departure – 12:20
Departure – 17:05
Departure – 17:15
Hishiura Port(Ama Town)Arrival – 12:40
Departure – 12:50
Saigo Port(Okinoshima Town)Arrival – 11:25
Departure – 12:05
Arrival – 14:00
Departure – 15:10
Arrival – 8:30Departure – 18:30
Hishiura Port(Ama Town)Arrival – 13:15
Departure – 15:15
Arrival – 9:40
Departure – 9:50
Beppu Port(Nishinoshima Town)Arrival – 15:30
Departure – 15:45
Arrival – 10:05
Departure – 10:20
Kurii Port(Chibu Village)Arrival – 10:50
Departure – 10:55
Shichirui Port(Matsue City)Departure – 17:55Departure – 17:35
Sakaiminato Port(Sakaiminato City)Departure – 13:20

Oki Kisen’s regular schedule is as shown above, but the ferries in operation have a docking period (periodic maintenance) once a year, so the ship and time may differ.

When I boarded the ferry, it was during the docking period, so it operated at a limited time.

The details of the boats that operate vary depending on the time of year, so please check the official website of Oki Kisen!

▼Oki Kisen’s official website


Onboard Introduction

Information Center


The entrance is located right after you come in from the boarding gate.

There is an information desk at the entrance, so if you have any problems, please ask for help.

Leave your suitcases and other luggage in front of the information desk before going to your rooms.

If you are using a private room, such as a special room, you can take your luggage with you to your room.

There are stairs at the entrance, so those who use private rooms and those who use the game corner and rest rooms can use the stairs at the entrance to get to their rooms.

Smoking corner


There was a smoking corner near the doorway of the 2nd class stateroom.

The smoking area was located only on the first floor of the ship.

The elevator to the vehicle deck was also located at the 4th floor entrance.

You cannot go to the vehicle deck during the voyage.

There was Wi-Fi on board


Ferry Kunigani had Docomo Free Wi-Fi on board.

If you need an Internet environment, please connect and use it.

They also offered goza rentals.

Oki Steamship did not end when the boat was full.

As a countermeasure against overcrowding, the ship lent out goza mats and pillows so that passengers could sleep in the aisles.

When the 2nd and extra 2nd class cabins were full, we would lay out “GOZA (straw mats)” and pillows at the end of the aisle to create a simple sleeping area.

During the voyage, the aisles were lined with “GOZA” everywhere, and I would walk along, thinking in my heart that I might step on one if I couldn’t stand the rocking of the ship (lol).

Deck chair seats


The chair seats on the deck deck were free to come and go as they pleased.

Around spring or fall, it looks like you could stay there for a long time.

The view is great, but it is very cold in winter, so no one went outside during the voyage.

In the summer, on the other hand, it might be too hot ( ´ ▽ ` ; )

If you feel sick, please visit if you feel sick because you might get seasick if you come to show your face and breathe the fresh air once in a while!



The concession stand was located near the entrance, right in front of the boarding gate.

Note that it closes when it gets close to the terminal port.

The store sold steamed meat buns, snacks, cup noodles, Oki Island souvenirs, and cigarettes.

The special pork buns were 380 yen, and the meat buns and bean-jam buns were 180 yen.


The ship travels on the Sea of Japan, so the waves are rough, but this time the waves were not that high, so I went back to my room and sipped my ramen while taking my time to enjoy the view.

One cup of ramen was 290 yen.

Vending machine corner


There was a vending machine at the entrance on the first floor.

No drinks were sold at the kiosks, so if you were thirsty, you would need to purchase one from the vending machine.

There were many suitcases of passengers in front of the vending machine.

Rest room


There was a rest room on the fifth floor.

There was also a sleeping area to the left as you entered, but there were many people sleeping there.

There was a person working on a computer in a seat at the back of the room.

Game Corner


There was a game corner on the second floor.

There were several crane games and a slot machine.

There is nothing to do on the ship, so it is a great way to pass the time!

Kids’ Room


The kids’ room was located directly opposite the game corner on the 5th floor.

The room was fully equipped with ring toss, dice, and other little playthings.

If you are taking small children to Oki Island, please use this room!



There were two men’s and two women’s restrooms, one on the 4th floor and the other on the 5th floor.

Since the ferry often rocks, there was also a special sink for vomiting.

It is commonly referred to as a “waste sink.

If you feel nauseous, just run to the toilet and you will be at ease.

When I pulled the lever, it flowed easily.

There is also a multipurpose toilet near the entrance on the fourth floor.

Shower room


The shower room was located in the bathroom in front of the second class room on the first floor.

The shower room appeared right in front of me when I opened the door.

Incidentally, there were two shower rooms on the first floor.

Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, etc. are not available and must be purchased at the store.

The showers are charged at 200 yen per shower, and when I asked the ship’s crew how long the water would last in the shower room, they told me that I could use it for 3 minutes for 200 yen.

When we boarded the ship this time, there was a sign saying that use was prohibited.

Observation deck


There was an outdoor deck on the top floor of the ship.

The view was great, and several people were taking commemorative photos with Saigou Harbor in the background.


The view from the observation deck on a sunny day was very nice ( ´ ▽ ` )

To close

This time, I took Oki Kisen’s “Ferry Oki” from Nishigo Port on Oki Island to Shichirui in Shimane Prefecture.

I had heard that the Sea of Japan is often rough, and the other day when I took the “Ferry Kuniga” from Sakaiminato to Nishigo Port, it was so rough that I almost lost my balance and fell down several times in the boat.

▼Ferry Kuniga Detailed article

This time the waves were not that high compared to the other day and we were comfortable.

The boat ride takes only 2 hours and 25 minutes, so once you fall asleep, it will be over in no time.

If you want to go sightseeing in Oki Island, you can take a plane, but a boat trip is definitely cheaper and more recommended!

If you are heading to Oki Island by Oki Kisen Boat, please be careful!

Have a nice boat trip! \(^O^)/

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