Oki Kisen Ferry Kuniga Review, Japan’s Sleeper Ferry ! How to Fare & Booking Method
Oki Kisen Ferry Kuniga Review, Japan’s Sleeper Ferry ! How to Fare & Booking Method

Ferry Kuniga started service on April 1, 1999.

This 2,375-ton car ferry connects the mainland of Shimane and Tottori prefectures with Oki Island.

First-time visitors to the ferry Kuniga may be asking themselves questions such as “How much does it cost? What time does the ferry depart? What’s it like on board? Where is the boarding area? I think there are a lot of things to wonder about.

This time, we actually boarded the ferry Kunigaga from Sakaiminato to Oki Island, and we will introduce the inside of the boat and our impressions of the actual boat ride.

The next day, we boarded the ferry Oki from Saigou to Shichibu, and the details of the ferry Oki are introduced in another article, so please take a look!

▼Ferry Oki Detailed article

Ferry Kuniga Vessel Introduction

  1. Date of Launch : April 1, 1999
  2. Length : 99.50 meters
  3. Gross Tonnage : 2,375 tons
  4. Cruising Speed : 20.43 knots (37.84 km/h)
  5. Passenger Capacity : 823 passengers
  6. Cargo capacity: 26 passenger cars, 20 8-ton trucks

How to Access & Boarding point


Boarding from Tottori

Boarding Terminal

Sakaiminato Port


About 1 min. walk from JR Sakaiminato Station

About 2 minutes on foot from Sakaiminato (bus stop)

Boarding from Shimane

Boarding Terminal

Shichirui Port


Approximately 2 minutes walk from Meteo Plaza (bus stop)

Boarding from Oki Islands Dogo (Oki Island Town)

Boarding Terminal

Saigo port


Approx. 2 minutes walk from Port Plaza (bus stop)

Boarding from Oki Islands Dozen (Ama Town)

Boarding Terminal

Hishiura Port


Approximately 2 minutes walk from Oki Kisen boarding gate (bus stop)

Boarding from Oki Islands Dozen (Nishinoshima Town)

Boarding Terminal

Beppu Port(Nishinoshima)


Short walk from Beppu Port Ferry Terminal (bus stop)

Boarding from Oki Islands Dozen (Chibu Village)

Boarding Terminal

Kurii Port


Approximately 1 minute walk from Raii Port Ferry Terminal (bus stop)

Boarding Fare

Mainland ~ Oki Island Town(Dogo)Oki Island Town(Dogo) ~ Oki Island Town(Dozen)Beppu(Dozen) ~ Hishiura(Dozen)Beppu(Dozen) ~ Kurii(Dozen)Kurui(Dozen) ~ Beppu(Dozen)
Special class8,890 yen4,120 yen1,150 yen2,040 yen2,040 yen
Special quality class7,930 yen3,630 yen830 yen1,730 yen1,730 yen
1st class6,360 yen2,910 yen650 yen1,390 yen1,390 yen
Special 2nd class4,520 yen2,120 yen630 yen1,040 yen1,040 yen
2nd class3,510 yen1,600 yen410 yen780 yen780 yen

The boarding ticket was a thick cardboard.

The ticket can only be used on the day of purchase.

Reservation Method


Oki Kisen only accepts online reservations for the high-speed boat Rainbow Jet.

Reservations are not accepted for passengers boarding the large ferries Oki, Kuniga, and Shirashima, except for rooms in second class or higher.

I boarded the cheapest 2nd class room, so I did not need a reservation.


Ferry OkiFerry KunigaFerry ShirashimaFerry Shirashima
Sakaiminato Port(Sakaiminato City)Departure – 14:25
Shichirui Port(Matsue City)Departure – 9:00Departure – 9:30
Kurii Port(Chibu Village)Arrival – 11:30
Departure – 13:35
Beppu Port(Nishinoshima Town)Arrival – 12:05
Departure – 12:20
Departure – 17:05
Departure – 17:15
Hishiura Port(Ama Town)Arrival – 12:40
Departure – 12:50
Saigo Port(Okinoshima Town)Arrival – 11:25
Departure – 12:05
Arrival – 14:00
Departure – 15:10
Arrival – 8:30Departure – 18:30
Hishiura Port(Ama Town)Arrival – 13:15
Departure – 15:15
Arrival – 9:40
Departure – 9:50
Beppu Port(Nishinoshima Town)Arrival – 15:30
Departure – 15:45
Arrival – 10:05
Departure – 10:20
Kurii Port(Chibu Village)Arrival – 10:50
Departure – 10:55
Shichirui Port(Matsue City)Departure – 17:55Departure – 17:35
Sakaiminato Port(Sakaiminato City)Departure – 13:20

Oki Kisen’s schedule is as shown above, but the ferries in operation have a docking period (periodic maintenance) once a year, so the ship and time may differ.

When I boarded the ferry, it was during the docking period, so it operated at a limited time.

The details of the boats that operate vary depending on the time of year, so please check the official website of Oki Kisen!

▼Oki Kisen’s official website(Langage : JP)


Ship Introduction



The entrance on the 4th floor is located immediately after you come in through the embarkation door.

Leave your suitcases and other luggage where they are at the entrance and head to your respective rooms.

Those who use private rooms, such as special rooms, can take their luggage with them to their rooms.

There are stairs at the entrance, so those who use private rooms and those who use the game corner and rest rooms can climb up from the stairs at the entrance.



There were several crew members waiting at the information desk located at the 4th floor entrance, so if you have any problems, please consult with them.

The elevator to the vehicle deck was also located at the 4th floor entrance.

You cannot go to the vehicle deck during the voyage.

There was Wi-Fi on board.


Ferry Kunigani had Docomo Free Wi-Fi on board.

If you need internet access, please connect and use it.

Room type


There are five room types: special, first class, first class, second class, and second class.

I booked the cheapest 2nd class room and boarded the ship.


The 2nd class rooms on the 4th floor were almost full as they are the lowest fare.

I heard that during peak season, it is even more crowded.

The room is a sleeping together type room, and there are many pillows in the shelves on the wall, so you take as many as you need and sleep on them.

There are also a limited number of blue blankets available for rent for 30 yen each, so during the cold season, you can put 30 yen in the fee box and use the blankets.

By the time I went to bed, the people around the shelves with pillows were sleeping, so I maturely slept with my backpack as a pillow and the coat I had worn.

It would be better to have a pillow and a place to sleep as soon as you get on board.

There was a TV set up in the room with a video playing, but it was not on volume.

They also had rush mats available for rent.

There are also mats called goza (rush mats) available for rent on the ship, so if the 2nd class rooms are full of people, you can sleep in the aisles of the ship or other places.

Special 2nd class room


Special 2nd class rooms are located on the 4th floor.

I looked into the special 2nd class room, which costs 1,010 yen more than the 2nd class room, but there were no people in it at all.

The fare from Nanakai/Sakaiminato to Oki (Nishigo Port) is 3,510 yen for a 2nd class room and 4,520 yen for a special 2nd class room.

If you pay 1,010 yen more, there are fewer people than in 2nd class rooms, so you can choose whichever you prefer!

Deck deck chair seats


The deck deck seating was on the 5th floor.

The view was great but it was very cold in winter and no one was outside during the voyage.

In the summer, on the other hand, it might be too hot(´∀` ; )

The observation chair seats were free to come and go.

If you feel sick, please visit there because you might get seasick if you come to show your face and take a breath of fresh air once in a while!



The concession stand is located on the 4th floor near the entrance.

Please note that it closes when it gets close to the terminal port.

The store sold boxed lunches, snacks, souvenirs from Oki Island, and cigarettes.

There were four types of bento lunches available, but I bought one and ate it about an hour before disembarkation so as not to get drunk and spit it out because of the rough waves on the boat to Oki Island (lol).

Each boxed lunch was 750 yen.

Vending machine corner


There is a vending machine corner near the entrance on the 4th floor.

The store does not sell drinks, so if you are thirsty, you will need to purchase them from a vending machine.

There was also a vending machine dedicated to alcoholic beverages.

There was one on the far left called “Homare Cup”, which is Oki Island’s specialty shochu, but it was no longer being sold.

Rest room


There is a rest room on the 5th floor.

There were about 4 sofas on the window side, but they were all occupied with people sleeping.

You could pay for a cheap 2nd class room and sleep on the sofa, but the early bird gets the worm.

Game Corner


There is a game corner on the 5th floor.

There were several crane games and slot machines.

There is nothing to do on the ship, so it is a great way to pass the time!

Kids’ Room


The kids’ room is located directly opposite the game corner on the 5th floor.

The room was fully equipped with ring toss, dice, and other little playthings.

If you are taking small children to Oki Island, please use this room!



There are two toilets, one on the 4th floor and one on the 5th floor.

Since the ferry often rocks, there is also a special sink for vomiting.

If you feel nauseous, just run to the restroom.


There is also a multipurpose restroom near the entrance on the fourth floor.

The restrooms were fitted with curtains.

There was also a diaper changing table, so those with babies can rest easy.

Shower room


There is a shower room in the bathroom in front of the 2nd class room on the 4th floor.

The shower room appeared right in front of me when I opened the door.

Incidentally, there were two shower rooms on the 4th floor.

There was no shampoo, conditioner, body soap, etc.


There is a charge for showers, 200 yen per shower.

I asked the ship’s crew how long it takes for the water to come out of the shower room, and they told me that 200 yen allows me to use the shower for 3 minutes.

When I put in 200 yen, a button appeared in red, so I pressed the button and water came out.

I measured by feel that it took about 20 seconds for the water in the shower to change to hot water, as if it was not used very often.

However, hot water comes out well, so it seems to be usable without any problem.

Since the time when it can be used is not indicated, it is a ship with a high degree of difficulty, but please try to use it by measuring 3 minutes by feel (lol)

Observation deck


There was an outdoor deck on the top floor of the ship.

The view was great and there were several people taking commemorative photos.


The boat passes under the 700-meter Sakai Suido Bridge connecting Sakaiminato City, Tottori Prefecture, and Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, so those boarding from Sakaiminato should come to the observation deck to watch the bridge pass by !

To close

This time we took the “Ferry Kuniga” of Oki Kisen Steamship Company from Sakaiminato to Saigou Port.

I had heard that the Sea of Japan is often rough, and as I had heard, it was so rough that I almost lost my balance and fell down several times in the boat.

If you are prone to motion sickness, it might be a good idea to check the height of the waves in advance and take a ride on a day when it doesn’t look too rough.

Since it is a four-hour ride, if you sleep, it will be over in no time, so although airplanes are available for sightseeing in Oki Island, a boat trip is definitely cheaper and more recommended!

Please also refer to another article for details of the ferry Oki, which we boarded from Saigo to Shichibu the next day!

If you are heading to Oki Island by Oki Kisen boat, please be careful!

Have a nice boat trip! (^O^)/

▼Ferry Oki Detailed article

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