Orita Kisen Ferry Yakushima2 Review,Japan’s Sleeper Ferry, How to Fare & Booking Method
Orita Kisen Ferry Yakushima2 Review,Japan’s Sleeper Ferry, How to Fare & Booking Method

In April 1993, the ferry Yakushima 2 entered service between Yakushima’s Miyanoura Port and Kagoshima Main Port.

Cars can also enter the boat, and there is only one round trip per day.

Some people who travel between Kagoshima and Yakushima on the ferry Yakushima 2 may consider car ferries that are cheaper than high-speed boats.

If you are heading to Kagoshima ⇆ Yakushima for the first time on the ferry Yakushima 2, you may be wondering, “How much is the fare?” I think there are a lot of things to do.

This time, I actually boarded the Orita Kisen “Ferry Yakushima 2”, so I will introduce the inside of the ship and the impressions of actually boarding the ship.

Ferry Yakushima II ship introduction

  1. Total length: 122.4 meters
  2. Gross tonnage: 3,392 tons
  3. Sailing speed: 21.8 knots (40.37km/h)
  4. Cabin configuration: 494 people
  5. Loading capacity: 26 passenger cars, 17 buses

Access method (Kagoshima Port)


Embarkation place

South Wharf Passenger Terminal


About a 16-minute walk from Izuro-dori Station on the tram to the South Wharf Passenger Terminal


About 6 minutes on foot from the high-speed ferry terminal (bus stop) to the South Wharf Passenger Terminal

On foot from Kagoshima Chuo Station

It takes about 18 minutes and costs 180 yen from Kagoshima Chuo Station to the high-speed ferry terminal.

If you take the Kagoshima Kotsu [26] Tominato Line bound for Kagoshima Honko [High-Speed Ferry Terminal] from platform 5 or 6 at Kagoshima Chuo Station, you will arrive at the high-speed ferry terminal (bus stop).

The point to keep in mind is that if you don’t take the first bus to the high-speed ferry terminal, you won’t be in time for the ferry.

If you don’t take the first bus from Kagoshima Chuo Station at 6:50 am, the next bus will be at 8:40, so be careful not to miss the Yakushima ferry.

Access method (from Yakushima Miyanoura Port)


Embarkation place


About 1 minute on foot from Miyanoura Port (bus stop)

Boarding fare

Private room charter fee

SpecialA7,000yen (*Separately, a second-class fee is required)
SpecialB6,000yen (*Separately, a second-class fee is required)
special room5,000yen (*Separately, a second-class fee is required)
Entertainment room A/B3,000yen (*Separately, a second-class fee is required)

1st class room

DivisionOne wayRound trip

2nd class room

DivisionOne wayRound trip
Student discount¥4,100¥4,100
Adult *Physically handicapped¥5,600
Children *Physically handicapped¥2,800
Adults departing from the island¥5,600¥2,700
Children departing from the island¥2,800¥1,600
Discounts for students departing from the island¥3,100¥3,100

For island departure discounts, only round-trip fares are discounted when traveling from Yakushima to Kagoshima.

Time table

Kagoshima → MiyanouraMiyanoura → Kagoshima
8:30 → 12:3013:30→17:40

There is only one boat departure per day from Kagoshima and Yakushima, so be careful not to miss the boat.

required time

The one-way trip from Kagoshima to Yakushima takes about 4 hours, and if you depart from Yakushima’s Miyanoura Port, it will take about 4 hours and 10 minutes, which is 10 minutes later.

Where to put luggage


As soon as I got on board, the crew member told me to put my luggage behind the stairs.

People who have reserved a private room can bring it to the room, but when it comes to a small fish bed type room, luggage can’t be brought in other than hand luggage.

Room type

  • Special A Western-style room with twin beds, bath and toilet for 2-4 people
  • Special B Western-style room with twin beds for 2-4 people
  • Special Japanese-style room, 4.5 tatami mats, 4-8 people
  • Recreational room carpeted 6 to 12 people
  • First-class guest room with carpet, blankets and pillows
  • Second-class guest room carpet floor type

The room I booked this time is the cheapest 2nd class room on the ferry Yakushima 2.

There is also a fitting room in the corner where you can change clothes!

There was a CRT TV in the room, but old Japanese movies were playing.

I listened to the sound from the TV as if it were a radio and went to sleep.


It’s surprisingly spacious, so I was able to stretch my legs and sleep during the voyage.


The pillows provided in each room were leather type.

The pillows were torn and had holes here and there, so I used the towels I had brought with me on top of them.


Shoes are strictly prohibited, so take off your shoes in the corridor before entering each room.

On board introduction

Information office


The information desk in front of you as you enter from the boarding gate.

If you have any trouble on the boat, please visit the information desk.

By the way, at the information desk, cigarettes were sold for smokers.

When I asked about the brands of cigarettes sold at the information desk, they sold 5 types of cigarettes: Mobius, Seven Stars, IQOS Mint, Camel Kraft, and Marlboro.

A cup of coffee was sold for 110 yen.



The shop is located near the entrance on the first floor.

You can buy Yakushima souvenirs and snacks at the shop.

When I looked inside the store, besides food, magazines and Yakushima’s specialty crafts were also sold.

Store hours

Sea ​​routeBusiness hours
Kagoshima → Yakushima9:00~10:00
Yakushima → Kagoshima14:00~16:30

Rental blanket locker


There was a locker with blankets available for rent for 100 yen.

We boarded the ship on November 13, and it was very cold on board during the voyage, so a blanket is recommended for a comfortable stay.


It was located on the first floor near the second class room, so if you get cold, take advantage of it!

Sea turtle room


The sea turtle room was on the ground floor.

Yakushima is famous as the largest spawning ground for sea turtles in Japan.

It is said that all kinds of sea turtles are in danger of extinction, so Yakushima puts a lot of effort into protecting the eggs laid by sea turtles, hatching them, and releasing them into the sea.

In the sea turtle room, you can see baby sea turtles born on Yakushima.

It is released only one hour before disembarkation.


When I headed there before opening time, the door was closed with the sign “Water tank cleaning in progress”.


When I boarded the ship, it was released at 4:30 p.m. Two small sea turtles were swimming in a magnificent tank.

They were very cute.

In the Sea Turtle Room, there were several displays of various materials that addressed issues that are happening to sea turtles.

When you board the ship, please go and take a look!

Opening hours of the Sea Turtle Room

Sea routeOpening time
Kagoshima → Yakushima9:00~10:00
Yakushima → Kagoshima16:00~17:00

Smoking Room


The smoking area is on the first floor.

It looks like the boarding gate on the first floor turns into a smoking area during the voyage.

Game corner


There is a game corner on the second floor.

The game corner had a UFO catcher and several slot machines.

It’s a great way to pass the time (^o^)

Kids room


The kids’ room is located on the second floor.

The kids’ room had a few small toys and a sofa.

It was busy until disembarkation time, so I recommend it for those with children!

Theater Jomon


Theater Jomon was on the second floor.

When I entered through the door near the game corner, there were many chairs lined up and a stage in the middle.

I wonder if I can see something if I get on board when the event is being held.



On the second floor there were separate men’s and women’s bathrooms and saunas.

This is a great place for those who want to remove the fatigue of traveling during the voyage!

I have heard of shower rooms and bathrooms on the ship, but this is the first time for me to see a sauna.

Udon noodle and soba noodle corner


You can enjoy Japan’s famous Japanese soba and udon noodles at the Ferry Yakushima 2 restaurant.


menu list

Kake udon/soba480yen
Wakame Udon/Soba520yen
Tanuki Udon/Soba520yen
Tsukimi Udon/Soba550yen
Kitsune udon/soba550yen
Meat udon/soba680yen
Tororo Udon/Soba520yen
Rice of the day150yen

I ordered beef udon.

The sweetness peculiar to meat udon was just right and it was delicious!

Udon corner business hours

Sea routebusiness hours
Kagoshima → Yakushima9:00~9:30
Yakushima → Kagoshima14:00~14:30

Opening hours are short, limited to about 30 minutes, so come early!

Tea room


The coffee room was located on the second floor.

The room was located at the front of the ship and had a window in the front to enjoy the view in the direction of travel.

The space was relatively calm.

Observation room


The observation room was located on the third floor.

In the observation room, there were several sofas where you could relax and unwind.

The 360-degree window glass covered the room, so no matter where you sit, you can enjoy the view outside.

Observation Space


The top floor area of Ferry Yakushima 2 is an observatory space.

The observation space was a bright space because the outside light was coming in.


There are two telescopes in the observation space that can be used for 100 yen each time.



There were 3 toilets on the 1st floor and 1 on the 2nd floor.

Vending machine


Vending machines were installed on the 1st and 2nd floors.


There was also a vending machine dedicated to alcohol in the vending machine on the first floor.

Wooden deck


Each floor has a door that allows you to go outside, so I think it’s a good idea to go outside for a change of pace.

The wooden deck gives it a modern feel.

To close

This time I boarded the ferry Yakushima 2 of Orita Kisen Kaisha and headed from Yakushima to Kagoshima.

Although it was a car ferry, it was comfortable and there were no big bumps.

If you have time to spare, why don’t you take the ferry Yakushima 2 which is easy on your wallet?

If you are going to take the ferry Yakushima 2 and use the route between Yakushima and Kagoshima, please be careful.

Have a nice boat trip!\( ´ ▽ ` )/

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