Peach Aviation Review, Japan’s Cheapest Airline ! How to Fare & Booking Method
Peach Aviation Review, Japan’s Cheapest Airline ! How to Fare & Booking Method

Peach Aviation began operations on March 1, 2012 on two routes: Osaka (Kansai) ~ Sapporo (Shin-Chitose) and Osaka (Kansai) ~ Fukuoka.

After completing the wallet-friendly Peach reservations, the day of departure finally arrived.

It was my first time to fly with Peach, but I wondered, “Is it easy to check in automatically? What is the limit on the number of baggage I can carry on board? How long do I have to be at the airport before my flight? I am sure you have various questions such as “Is it easy to check in?

This time, we actually flew with Peach Aviation from Kansai International Airport to Fukuoka Airport, so we will introduce in detail how to make a reservation, the boarding procedure, and how the flight arrives and departs!

〜 Contents 〜

1. Three aircraft operated by Peach Aviation
1-1. AIRBUS A320
1-2. AIRBUS A320neo
1-3. AIRBUS A321LR
2. How to make a reservation on Peach Aviation
2-1. For those who make reservations by computer
2-2. For those who make reservations with a smartphone or tablet device
2-3. Reservation Procedures
3. Peach Aviation Fare Type Characteristics
3-1. Simple Peach
3-2. Value Peach
3-3. Prime Peach
4. If you want to book at the lowest price, aim for a sale time!
5. Airport Charges (Domestic Flights) that are charged separately from boarding fees
6. How long do I have to wait for my seat assignment?
7. One-day flow of boarding a Peach flight (in the case of Kansai International Airport)
8. Be sure to bring your reservation confirmation!
9. Super easy! How to Use Auto Check-in
9-1. Time when tickets can be issued
10. What are the baggage limits for the number and weight of baggage?
10-1. hand luggage
10-2. Checked baggage
11. Items that cannot be carried on board or checked in
12. How to Check Luggage
12-1. Checked baggage
12-2. Hand luggage
13. What you can do after passing through baggage check
14. The long-awaited boarding!
15. Once inside the aircraft, turn on the airplane mode for smartphones and other communication devices!
16. Introduction to the cabin
16-1. Seats
16-2. Booklet found in the seat pocket
16-3. Storage desk
17. In-flight digital content services that could be used during the flight
17-1. What is available with the In-flight Digital Contents Service
17-2. How to access Peach Wifi Point
18. Impression

Three aircraft operated by Peach Aviation

Peach Aviation operates three aircraft types: AIRBUS A320, AIRBUS A320neo, AIRBUS A321LR.

The seat layout and number of seats differ slightly depending on the aircraft.


  1. Overall length : 37.57m x 34.1m x 11.76m
  2. Maximum takeoff weight : 78,000kg
  3. Cruise Speed : 840km/h
  4. Cruising Range : 6,200km
  5. Number of seats : 180 (6 fast seats, 36 smart seats, 70 pleasure seats, 68 standard seats)

AIRBUS A320neo

  1. Overall length : 37.57m x 35.8m x 11.76m
  2. Maximum takeoff weight : 79,000kg
  3. Cruise Speed : 840km/h
  4. Cruising Range : 6,300km
  5. Number of seats : 188 (6 fast seats, 36 smart seats, 72 pleasure seats, 74 standard seats)


  1. Overall length : 44.5m x 35.8m x 11.76m
  2. Maximum takeoff weight : 78,000kg
  3. Cruise Speed : 840km/h
  4. Cruising Range : 7,400km
  5. Number of seats : 218 (6 fast seats, 36 smart seats, 82 pleasure seats, 94 standard seats)

How to make a reservation on Peach Aviation

For those who make reservations by computer

Access Peach Aviation’s official website.

You can select your desired conditions in the reservation search field at the top of the page and search for the availability of flights on the same day, so select all of the conditions and click the search button.

▼ Peach Aviation Official Reservation Page

For those who make reservations with a smartphone or tablet device

You can also make reservations through the official app provided by Peach Aviation.

Peach offers two free apps, one for iOS and the other for Android, so you may try making reservations through the app.

The app automatically displays the flights you have booked on the main screen, and allows you to easily change your reservations and check the flight status of your flight ( ´ ▽ ` )

It is recommended that you can automatically register your name and address the next time you use Peach, which will save you time when making a reservation!

After all selections are made and the search button is pressed, a screen will appear where you can complete the reservation process, which should be completed within 30 minutes.

▼ Peach Aviation Official iOS App (for iPhone users)

▼Official Peach Aviation Android app (for Android devices)

Reservation Procedures

  1. Step 1 : Search
  2. Step 2 : Flight Selection
  3. Step 3 : Passenger Information
  4. Step 4 : Seats & Baggage
  5. Step 5 : Additional Options
  6. Step 6 : Final Confirmation
  7. Step 7 : Complete

You can make a reservation in seven steps.

Please note that if 30 minutes have passed since you started the procedure, you will have to start over from the beginning.

▼Peach Aviation Official Reservations Page

Peach Aviation Fare Type Characteristics

Simple Peach

  1. Want to keep the cost of travel at the lowest possible price
  2. Experienced traveler
  3. Traveling alone

This is the simplest and most reasonable fare type that does not include seat selection or checked baggage options. Add only the options you need, such as seat selection and checked baggage.

Value Peach

  1. If there is a possibility that your itinerary may change
  2. LCC beginner
  3. Traveling with a family or group of friends

This fare type includes basic options such as seat selection, baggage check-in, changes and refunds, etc. It is recommended for those who have not used LCCs very often.

Prime Peach

  1. If there is a possibility that your schedule will be cancelled
  2. You are planning to check more than 2 pieces of baggage
  3. You are particular about your seat.

This fare type offers even more options than Value Peach, such as up to two pieces of checked baggage free of charge and a full refund if your schedule is cancelled.

If you want to book at the lowest price, aim for a sale time!

Peach holds a monthly sale every year.

The previous October sale was the “October Special Week2 Island Travel Sale”.

The sale was held from October 7, 20:00 to October 9, 23:59, and the lowest one-way fare was 2,990 yen for Amami/Ishigaki route only.

The lowest one-way airfare was 2,990 yen for the “Tokyo (Narita) → Amami” and “Fukuoka → Ishigaki” routes.

In addition to the monthly event sales, there are also occasional sales on regular routes such as Osaka (Kansai) – Fukuoka and Tokyo (Narita) – Osaka (Kansai).

I was able to purchase a boarding pass for the Osaka (Kansai) – Fukuoka route at the sale price of 2,990 yen (the lowest price at the time of regular sale was 3,490 yen) because I happened to come across a sale that was being held this time!

The difference between the regular price and the sale price is only about 500 yen, but there is no better way to get a cheap flight, so when you book your boarding pass on Peach Aviation’s official website, try using the calendar search to compare prices!

▼Peach Aviation Official Reservation Page

Airport Charges (Domestic Flights) that are charged separately from boarding fees

When you fly to other prefectures, there is a fee called Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) that is charged when you use the airport.

We have researched and summarized all airport fees after October 2023.

Airport NameTerminalPrice – Adult (12yrs~) / Child – (3yrs~11yrs)
New Chitose Airport – HokkaidoAdult – 370yen / Child – 180yen
Sendai Airport – MiyagiAdult – 290yen / Child – 150yen
Ibaraki Airport – IbarakiAdult – 100yen / Child – 50yen
Shizuoka Airport – ShizuokaAdult – 140yen / Child – 70yen
Narita International Airport – Tokyo■Terminal1/2
■Adult – 450yen / Child – 220yen
☆Adult – 390yen / Child – 190yen
Haneda Airport – TokyoAdult – 370yen / Child – 180yen
Chubu Centrair Airport – Aichi■Terminal1
■Adult – 440yen / Child – 220yen
☆Adult – 380yen / Child – 190yen
Kansai International Airport – Osaka■Terminal1
■Adult – 440yen / Child – 220yen
☆(Departure)Adult – 420yen / Child – 420yen
◉(Arrival)Adult – 370yen / Child – 370yen
Osaka International Airport(Itami Airport) – OsakaAdult – 340yen / Child – 170yen
Nanki Shirahama Airport – WakayamaAdult – 260yen / Child – 130yen
Fukuoka Airport – FukuokaAdult – 110yen / Child – 50yen
Kitakyushu Airport – FukuokaAdult – 100yen / Child – 50yen
Naha Airport – OkinawaAdult – 240yen / Child – 120yen
Miyako Shimojishima Airport – OkinawaAdult – 550yen / Child – 550yen
Airport Fees (PFC) as of October 2023

Other airports not listed are free of charge.

Airport fees are included in the boarding pass purchased, so you will not be charged separately for airport fees only.

Airport fees are the same for all other airlines, so there is no such thing as Peach being expensive and ANA being inexpensive! This time, I flew with Peach to Kansai International Airport.

Breakdown of fees for this Peach flight from Kansai International Airport to Fukuoka Airport

Boarding Fare (*Use during Sale)¥2,990
Handling charge (credit card payment on website)*690 yen for payment at convenience stores¥640
Departure airport fee (Kansai Airport Terminal 2)¥420
Arrival airport fee (Fukuoka Airport)¥110
Seat Assignment 18A Pleasure Seat¥980
Checked baggage (fee for large baggage)¥1,950

Peach’s fare structure allows you to add options to the missing parts, so even though you can book a flight for ¥2,990, the total fare ends up being ¥7,090.

There are many things that can be eliminated, so if you are not concerned about seat location, you can eliminate the reserved seat fee, and if you are flying with hand baggage only, you can eliminate the checked baggage fee as well.

If you thoroughly minimize additional options, the total cost will be 4,160 yen, so you can get a boarding pass at a very low price!

How long do I have to wait for my seat assignment?

Seat reservations can be made up to 3 hours before departure.

Peach’s seat reservations are usually available one day before the scheduled departure date, but on the day of departure, the seats are usually filled up in no time.

One-day flow of boarding a Peach flight (in the case of Kansai International Airport)

  1. Step 1 : Arrive at Kansai Airport at 23:30
  2. Step 2 : Take the free shuttle bus to Terminal 2
  3. Step 3 : Lie down on a bench at Terminal 2 until the next morning
  4. Step 4 : Check in at 05:30
  5. Step 5 : Check your baggage
  6. Step 6 : Go through the security checkpoint
  7. Step 7 : Go through the boarding gate
  8. Step 8 : Spend time on the plane
  9. Step 9 : Arrival at Fukuoka Airport

Be sure to bring your reservation confirmation!

Before you leave your home, you will need to check your reservation confirmation.

If you have a smartphone, just take a screencap of the screen showing the QR code issued when you made your reservation!

If you are not confident, you can print it out in advance to ensure smooth boarding procedures on the day of your flight.

When you make a reservation on Peach, you will receive an email titled “[Peach] Reservation Details Notice” to your registered email address.

Screenshots are acceptable!

If you do not have a printer to begin with or if you forgot to print it, if you have a smartphone or tablet, save a screenshot of the page showing the barcode on your reservation confirmation.

You can also view it on the official app.

If you have difficulty in doing either of these, take note of the reservation number issued at the time of booking.
If you have the reservation number or barcode, you will be able to board the flight.

Super easy! How to Use Auto Check-in


At airports served by Peach Airlines, there are machines where you can check in at Peach’s exclusive self-service check-in machines.

There are several reddish-purple automatic check-in machines in a row, and you can use the number or QR code you reserved in advance to complete the procedure.

The check-in machine’s screen is a large, long, vertical touch-panel screen, which can be operated with a finger and was easy to operate!

Press the button “Click here to enter your reservation number” in the lower right corner of the monitor and type in the reservation number issued when you made your reservation.

If you have saved a screenshot of the QR code on your smartphone, you do not need to operate the screen, but just place the QR code on the transparent glass part of the black frame at the bottom of the monitor.

I actually tried ticketing, and it was very easy!

When I held up the QR, a confirmation screen for items to be brought on board appeared on the screen, and all I had to do was press the “OK” button and the ticket was issued.

The boarding time and seat number were displayed on the ticket.

Time when tickets can be issued


Domestic flights are available from 90 minutes to 30 minutes before departure time (25 minutes before at KIX and Naha Airport), and international flights from 120 minutes to 50 minutes before departure time.

Since I arrived at the airport too early, I thought I would just issue a ticket for now, but it seemed that the time to issue a ticket was fixed at 50 minutes prior to departure.

I tried to start the check-in procedure at 91 minutes before departure time, but I got an error paper.

I think it is a good idea to ask the Peach staff once if the check-in time is within 90 to 30 minutes before the departure time.

What are the baggage limits for the number and weight of baggage?


hand luggage

The size of baggage that can be brought on board is also restricted to a total of three dimensions of 115 cm or less.

If the weight of two pieces of luggage exceeds 7 kg, you will have to check them in as checked baggage and pay extra on the day of the flight.

If the weight of two pieces of luggage exceeds 7 kg, you will have to pay extra on the day of the flight. To avoid this, you may want to make adjustments at home in advance to keep the weight within 7 kg.
Please weigh the suitcase itself as well.

In my case, I put it on a scale and adjusted the weight to around 6 kg.

If you bring a backpack, a tote bag, and one extra paper bag from a souvenir shop, it will be counted as three bags, so be careful not to buy too many souvenirs so that you can fit them in two bags.

Checked baggage

Peach limits the number of baggage items per passenger to a maximum of 5 pieces, each weighing 20 kg (maximum 32 kg) and the total weight of the 5 pieces not exceeding 100 kg.

If the weight exceeds 20 kg, baggage weighing 32 kg or less can be checked in by paying an additional overweight charge.

The size limit is 203 cm or less (including the length of casters and handles) in total length, width, and height.

If your baggage exceeds 203 cm, it cannot be checked in, so please measure it in advance.

Items that cannot be carried on board or checked in

TypeProduct Name
explosive materialFireworks, crackers, etc.
Ignitable and flammable substancesLarge quantities of matches, lighter fuel, camping and household stoves, and liquids with alcohol content exceeding 70 degrees
high-pressure gasCassette cylinders for stoves, oxygen spray for sports, slow dust spray, etc.
organic substanceInsecticides, pesticides, etc.
corrosive substanceLiquid batteries (except for electric wheelchairs), heated lunches, etc.
radioactive materialIsotope, etc.
magnetic materialLarge magnets, etc.
oxidizing substanceBleach, instant coolant, etc.
Other hazardous substancesFormalin, etc.

A showcase of items that are not allowed in the cabin was displayed in Terminal 2 at Kansai Airport.

I was somewhat aware that firearms are strictly prohibited, knives and lighters are banned, but screwdrivers and mildew highters are also banned.

Basically, flammable items are prohibited.

Spray types of products such as hairdressing and sunscreen are also prohibited, as they may be damaged by air pressure.

However, some items that are not allowed as carry-on or checked baggage may be allowed as carry-on or checked baggage under certain conditions.

For details, please check the official website.

How to Check Luggage


Checked baggage

After you have been ticketed, check in your suitcase or other large baggage at the “checked baggage counter” where you check in your luggage.

Pack your checked baggage so that it weighs no more than 20 kg.

If it weighs more than 20 kg, you will be charged an excess baggage fee.

Checked baggage will be put through precision equipment and carefully inspected to ensure that it does not contain any dangerous items.

After clearing the inspection, you will proceed to the inspection gate including your body.

Hand luggage

Baggage will also be weighed before heading to the inspection gate.

After the weight check, you will head to the baggage inspection area.

At the inspection area, there are a number of large, square containers specially designed for this purpose, and you place your baggage in as many lanes as you need.
When actually lining them up, I had to separate them into four separate lanes.

The breakdown of my personal belongings divided into trays is

  1. 1 500 ml bottle of tea (to be drunk)
  2. Backpack (rucksack)
  3. Laptop computer
  4. Smart phone

We have sorted them into four categories.

When I put them through the inspection machine, I took precision instruments and other items out of my bag and put one per container.

In my case, I took the above items out of the container, but there were many other precision devices in my bag, including a camera, a portable game console, 4~5 cables such as chargers, and an external hard drive, so I had to put them through the inspection machine many times.

Once in the past, when I traveled with a PS4 console in my bag, I had to put it through the precision instruments, but it was embarrassing because I had to take it out of my bag (laugh).

After that, you just need to go through the inspection gate with nothing in your pockets or anything else and complete the physical examination.

By the way, you did not have to remove your wristwatch to pass through the inspection gate.

What you can do after passing through baggage check


After passing through, if you have time to spare, you may want to shop at the souvenir store until your flight departs.

When purchasing souvenirs, be aware that you are limited to two pieces of baggage, and if you do not force yourself to fit them into your baggage, they will end up in your checked baggage.

This time, I used Kansai International Airport to go to Fukuoka Airport. At the domestic gate after the security check at Kansai Airport, there were Peach SHOP and Applause souvenir stores.

The store at the domestic gate of Kansai International Airport’s Terminal 1 had stylishly packaged Kansai souvenirs, including Osaka and Kyoto specialties such as matcha green tea sweets and Hyogo’s Akashiyaki.

We had a quick bite to eat and a restroom break while waiting for our boarding instructions to arrive.

The long-awaited boarding!

When it was time to board, an announcement was made, and passengers in window seats A or F at the rear of the cabin and their companions boarded in order, followed by passengers in aisle seats C and D.

After that, passengers are guided to the window seats at the front of the cabin, followed by the aisle seats.

The pink airplane is a quintessential photogenic color, and I saw a few people taking pictures of it here and there.

The color stands out from other airlines and gives a lovely impression.

Climbing the stairs connected to the fuselage, we boarded the plane.

Here is a brief introduction to the cabin.

Once inside the aircraft, turn on the airplane mode for smartphones and other communication devices!


Smartphones, game consoles, and other devices that emit radio waves must be changed to “Airplane Mode” before takeoff.

Airplane mode is a feature that blocks communications such as phone lines, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth, so that takeoff and landing will not have a negative impact on important devices in the surrounding area.

For safe takeoff and landing, be sure to put any electronic devices you have brought on board in airplane mode.

Introduction to the cabin

The aircraft I appeared on this time was the AIRBUS A320neo.

The seats are purple with thin leather covers, and the seat numbers are on the left side of the photo, in the order A, B, C, from the window seat, and D, E, F across the aisle.

During takeoff, baggage must be placed in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you, so be sure to use either one.

If you are seated near the emergency exit, you cannot place your baggage at your feet, so you must forcibly place your baggage in the overhead compartment.


There are seat belts on the seats, so once you are in your seat, put on your seat belt.

I actually sat in the seat, and even when I sat deeply in the seat, my knees were still a sliver of the seat in front of me.
It is narrow, but you can sit down normally.

The seat was pre-tilted.
The maximum recline is 15 degrees, but that is not a problem since I will not be sleeping on the short flight of about an hour.

If you want to sleep as comfortably as possible, I would recommend bringing a neck pillow, eye mask, or other sleep aid.

The seats had movable armrests (elbow rests).

I like window seats because I am a person who likes to enjoy the view outside ( ´ ´ ´ ´ ).

I recommend a window seat because you can enjoy the flight while looking outside!

For those who want to fly cheap, I think it is a waste of money to even pay for a seat reservation, but it was well worth it to reserve a window seat!

The blinds could be stopped in any position I wanted.

You can use them when you are cruising, when you are closer to the sun and it is getting dazzling!

Booklet found in the seat pocket

When I sat in my assigned seat, there was a “safety bookmark” with precautions written on both sides, a Peach in-flight service information sheet, a travel brochure, and one white multi-purpose paper bag.

There is a folding desk in front of each seat, which is convenient for those who purchase meals at the store before boarding the plane or eat in-flight items.

Storage desk

Desks are not available during airplane takeoffs and landings.
They can only be used while the fasten seatbelt sign overhead is turned off.

In-flight digital content services that could be used during the flight

Peach Aviation offers the “In-flight Digital Contents Service” that allows passengers to order in-flight sales items using their smartphones. *Only available during flights that have entered the stabilization system.

What is available with the In-flight Digital Contents Service

  1. Order in-flight shopping
  2. Purchase transportation tickets
  3. Video program with popular Japanese variety shows
  4. Flight radar to check your current location

How to access Peach Wifi Point

During takeoff, it was necessary to shut off Wi-Fi and turn on Airplane Mode, but during flight when the aircraft is in a stable configuration, Airplane Mode is left on and Wi-Fi is turned on.

When Wi-Fi is turned on, access points such as “00-peach1” or “00-peach2” are automatically displayed.

After connecting to Peach Wi-Fi, access “” to use the in-flight digital content service.

If you connect before takeoff or after landing, you will receive an “Announcement in progress. Please wait a moment. message was displayed and access was not possible.

After takeoff, I was able to use the system in flight when the aircraft was in a stable position in the sky.


This time it was a one-hour flight from Kansai International Airport to Fukuoka Airport. It is cramped because it is small and the recliner does not recline very much, but once you get used to it, it is the best airplane.

I always use Peach, which sells flying trains, and it’s great that it’s easy on the wallet.

At the cheapest, a one-way flight costs as little as 3,000 yen.

If you are planning to take a Peach flight, please be careful!

Have a nice flight!\(^O^)/

※The posted information is as of the time of publication on October 6, 2023.
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