Kyushu Yusen Chikushi Review, Japan’s Overnight Ferry ! How to Fare & Booking Method
Kyushu Yusen Chikushi Review, Japan’s Overnight Ferry ! How to Fare & Booking Method

The Kyushu Yusen ferry Chikushi started service on the Hakata-Tsushima route on April 1, 1994.

With a gross tonnage of 1,926 tons and a total length of 97.37 m, the ferry connects Hakata Port and Iki in 2 hours and 20 minutes, and Hakata Port and Tsushima in 4 hours and 40 minutes.

I’m boarding the ferry Chikushi for the first time, but I’m not sure how much it costs. What time does the ferry depart? What is the interior like? Where is the boarding area? I am sure there are many things you are wondering about.

This time I boarded the ferry Chikushi from Hakata to Tsushima (Itsukuba), so I will introduce my impressions of the interior of the ship and my impressions of the actual ride!

I also wrote a separate article on the Kyushu Yusen “Umiterashi,” which I boarded the next day, so please take a look at that as well!

▼Details on the Ferry Umiterashi

Ferry Chikushi Introduction

  1. Ship Name : Ferry Chikushi
  2. Date of Commencement : April 1, 1994
  3. Length : 97.37 meters
  4. Gross Tonnage : 1,926 tons
  5. Sailing Speed : 19 knots (35.18km/h)
  6. Passenger Capacity : 674 passengers
  7. Cargo Capacity : Approx. 80 cars

How to Access & Boarding point


Boarding from Fukuoka

Boarding Terminal

Hakata Pier Terminal 2

How to access

Approximately 1 minute walk from Hakata Pier (bus)

It takes about 15 minutes by bus from Hakata Station Nishi-Nippon City Bank Mae F (bus stop) to Hakata Pier (bus). (240 yen)

Boarding from Iki Island

Boarding Terminal

Ashibe Port Terminal Building

How to Access

About 1 minute walk from Ashibe Port (bus stop)

Boarding from Tsushima

Boarding Terminal

Izuhara Port Terminal Building

How to access

Approximately 1 minute walk from Izuhara Domestic Terminal (bus stop)

Departure time


Time required

Hakata ⇔ Iki Island approx. 2 time 20 min

Hakata ⇔ Izuhara approx. 4 time 40 min.

Hakata Port → Izuhara Port

Hakata PortIki IslandIki IslandIzuhara Port
00:0502:15 (Ashibe Port)02:25 (Ashibe Port) 04:45
10:0012:20 (Gonoura Port)12:35 (Gonoura Port)14:45
20:3522:55 (Gonoura Port)

Izuhara Port → Hakata Port

Izuhara PortIki IslandIki IslandHakata Port
07:00 (Gonoura Port)09:25
08:5011:05 (Ashibe Port)11:15 (Ashibe Port)13:25
15:2517:30 (Gonoura Port)17:45 Gonoura Port)20:10

Basic departure and arrival times are as shown above, but extra flights are added during peak season.

The number of flights varies depending on the time of year, so please check the official website in advance before boarding.

▼ Kyushu Yusen official website

With an overnight flight, you can sleep until 7 am in Tsushima!


When I boarded the overnight sea flight, the crew asked me, “When you arrive at the port of Izuhara in Tsushima, you may rest on board until 7:00 a.m. What would you like to do?” I answered “Yes! I answered “Yes!

There is a bus stop called “Izuhara Domestic Terminal” at Izuhara Port, but the first bus leaves at 7:03 AM.

The first departure is at 7:03 a.m., and the night sea arrives atIzuhara at 04:45 a.m., so I have about 2 hours and 15 minutes to spare, which is a very conscientious service.

There are two disembarkations at Izuhara Port, so the bridge will be detached after the first disembarkation.

Those who stay on board until early morning will not be allowed to leave the ship until the second disembarkation.

No Sleeping Service on Temporary Ships

For temporary vessels deployed during busy periods such as ship docking periods and Golden Week, there is no service that allows passengers to sleep on board until morning.

Please note that this service is available only on ships that are deployed during the regular season!

Boarding Fees


Hakata ⇔ Iki

1st class4,000 yen
2nd class reserved seat3,480 yen
2nd class2,960 yen

Hakata ⇔ Izuhara

1st class7,580 yen
2nd class reserved seat6,530 yen
2nd class5,490 yen

Iki ⇔ Izuhara

1st class3,890 yen
2nd class reserved seat3,360 yen
2nd class2,840 yen

Boarding fees vary depending on the time of year, so please check the official website in advance before boarding.

▼Kyusyu Yusen official website (Fare chart)

Ship Introduction


Top : 2nd class room, bottom left : 1st class room (4-person room), bottom right : 2nd class designated room

There are three room types on the ferry Chikushi: 1st class rooms, 2nd class designated rooms, and 2nd class rooms.

There were eight 1st class rooms from A to H, four 2nd class designated rooms from A to D, and eight 2nd class rooms.

Each first-class room was assigned a name.

  • Shiratake
  • Asouwan
  • Mangzeki
  • Jagatani
  • Sakyobana
  • Tsutsukihama
  • Ishiyane
  • Saruiwa

The pillows were made of a cushion type material with a cushion around it and a straw ringed pipe pillow in the center, and the blankets were fireproof and washed so they smelled good (* ´ ▽ ` *)

The first class rooms were private rooms for 4 and 8 people.

Although they are private rooms, they are not good for private use.

In the case of a 4-person room, at least 4 futons and pillows are provided in one room, so other people may use the room.

If you are lucky, you may be able to reserve a room for one person.

First class cabins were equipped with one electrical outlet, an air purifier, hangers, shared slippers, a wardrobe mirror, disposable Japanese paper pillowcases, translucent sanitary bags, and a television.

Ferry Free Wi-Fi


There is free Wi-Fi on board.

I actually tried connecting to the Wi-Fi to check the signal, but the connection was not that stable.

However, once it was connected, it was somewhat stable at times, so I was able to browse the web without any problems!

Main Entrance


It is located right in front of you as you enter through the embarkation entrance.

In the middle of the entrance is the Sky Lounge, which only those who have reserved 1st class rooms are allowed to enter.


The passageway was located just behind the stairs to the Sky Lounge.

On display in the passageway were information boards about Iki and Tsushima, miniature-sized picture frames showing various rope shapes and ship’s fixtures, a panel of international signal flags, and materials about the ferry Chikushi.


The lower floor has the cheapest 2nd class rooms on the ferry Chikushi, so those who have reserved 2nd class rooms should use the stairs immediately in front of you as you enter the boarding gate to go to the lower floor (B deck).

Information Desk


The information desk is located on the second floor near the main entrance.

If you have any problems, please consult with us.

Vending Machine


There were vending machines at the main entrance on the second floor and at the entrance on the first floor.


Cup noodle vending machines are only located on the second floor.

Hot water for cup noodles is available at two water stations on the first floor.


In addition to boiling water, there was a cold water machine so we could drink cold water as well!

In my personal opinion, it was a little troublesome to have to go down the stairs to pour hot water for cup noodles.

If the sea is rough, the ship will be rocking, so you need to be careful not to get burned by overflowing hot water poured into the cup of noodles.

If you have reserved a 1st or 2nd class room, you have to go back up to the 2nd floor with hot water, so I personally wish there was a water heater on the 2nd floor.

Passenger bench seat (outdoor deck)


Benches were lined up outside on the first and second floors.

Those who boarded the morning flight could enjoy the open sea!

Ashtrays were placed on the pillars in the passenger bench seating.

It is a little far from the bench seats, so it seems that you cannot smoke while sitting down.


It seems that many people heading to Iki and Tsushima go fishing, so a fishing tackle storage box was provided on the observation deck.

The fishing tackle storage box is a great place for fishing enthusiasts.

It is said that large horse mackerel can be caught on Iki Island between December and March!

Game Corner


It was located on the second floor near the passenger bench seating.

There were retro arcade game machines such as Tetris, which was popular in the past, and slot machines.

The arcade games cost 100 yen per play.

There were five slot machines at the entrance in front of the 2nd class cabin on the 1st floor.



There are three restrooms on the first floor and one on the second floor of the ship.

Only one toilet on the first floor was located outside.

Sky Lounge


There is a “Sky Lounge” that only those who have reserved a first-class room are allowed to enter.


On the way up the stairs, there was a panel that read, “Sky Lounge: No persons other than first-class passengers are allowed to use this lounge. Captain Ferry Chikushi.

Incidentally, there was also a sign posted on the door of the Sky Lounge (lol).

I reserved a first-class cabin this time, so I was allowed to enter the Sky Lounge!


Since it is not easy for anyone to enter, the inside of the Sky Lounge was very clean compared to the corridors and rooms on the ship.

The Sky Lounge has a 360-degree view of the outside.

There was only one place where a TV was installed.


I disembarked the next morning after eating cup noodles in the Sky Lounge.


The Sky Lounge can also be accessed outside through the door.

There was also an ashtray on the fence, so smoking is possible.

To close

This time, I boarded the “Ferry Chikushi” from Hakata Pier to Tsushima (Itsukuba).

I actually boarded the ferry, and since it was a late-night flight, I thought I would have to wait in the terminal for 3 hours after arrival until the bus arrived, but I was very grateful for the service that allowed me to sleep on the ship even after disembarkation time.

It was cold when we boarded the ship this time, so it was very warm and comfortable inside the ship!

I was told that the ship would rock a lot depending on the height of the waves, but the sea was not rough when I boarded, so it did not rock that badly.

If you are going from Fukuoka to Iki or Tsushima by ferry Chikushi, please be careful!

Have a nice boat trip ! \(^o^)/

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