Taneyaku Kousokusen Toppy Review,Japan’s jetfoil, How to Fare & Booking Method
Taneyaku Kousokusen Toppy Review,Japan’s jetfoil, How to Fare & Booking Method

In 1989, a high-speed vessel operated by Kagoshima Merchant Marine started service on the Tanegashima-Yakushima route, and on April 1, 2012, the company merged with Cosmo Line and restarted operations as Tanegayaku High Speed Boat Co.

Today, the high-speed boat Toppy & Rocket connects Kagoshima City, Ibusuki City, Tanegashima, and Yaku Island in Kagoshima Prefecture.

I took the high-speed boat from Nishinoomote Port on Tanegashima Island to Miyanoura Port on Yaku Island.

If you are taking the high-speed boat Toppy & Rocket for the first time, you may be wondering,

“How long does it take? “
“How much is the fare?”
“How do I make a reservation?”
“How do I make a reservation?

This time, we actually boarded the Taneyaku High Speed Boat “Rocket II” and will introduce the inside of the boat and our impressions of the actual boat ride.

Please check out another article about how I boarded the large car ferry ‘Princess Wakasa’!

Toppy & Rocket Ship Introduction

  1. Aircraft: Boeing 929
  2. Total length: 27 meters
  3. Gross tonnage: 267 tons
  4. Sailing speed: 40~45 knots (83.34km/h)
  5. Passenger capacity: Maximum about 260 people

Access method & Boarding Point

for Kagoshima(Kagoshima)


Ferry Terminal


About 15 minutes on foot from Izuro-dori Station on the tram

After leaving Kagoshima Station, take the tram from Kagoshima Ekimae Station, which is about 1 minute on foot, to Izuro-dori.

It took about 6 minutes and cost 170 yen.


Immediately after getting off at the high-speed ferry terminal (bus stop)

It takes about 18 minutes from Kagoshima Chuo Station to the high-speed ferry terminal and costs 160 yen.

If you take the Kagoshima Kotsu [26] Tominato Line bound for Kagoshima Honko [High-Speed Ferry Terminal] from platform 5 or 6 at Kagoshima Chuo Station, you will arrive at the high-speed ferry terminal (bus stop).

for Kagoshima(Ibusuki)

Ferry Terminal

Ibusuki Port


About 17 minutes on foot from JR Ibusuki Station

It takes about 1 hour from JR Kagoshima Chuo Station to Ibusuki Station on the rapid [Ibusuki/Makurazaki Line].


About 11 minutes on foot from Sakokita (bus stop)

There is a bus bound for Sakokita (bus stop) from Ibusuki Station (bus stop) in front of JR Ibusuki Station.

Take the Ibusuki Iwasaki Hotel – Bukeyashiki Entrance [Kagoshima Kotsu] bus to Ruto Sakohoku (bus stop).

It takes 1 minute from “Ibusuki Ekimae (bus stop)” to “Sakokita (bus stop)” and the bus fare is 160 yen.

It’s a one-minute bus ride, so I think it’s better to walk from the beginning ( ´ ▽ ` ; )

If you are walking, it would be better to use a taxi.

for Tanegashima

Ferry Terminal

Nishinoomote Port Passenger Terminal


Nishinoomote Port (bus stop)



Ferry Terminal

Miyanoura Port


Approximately 1 minute walk from Miyanoura Port (bus stop)

The bus stop was next to the cab stand.


Ferry Terminal

Anbo Port


About 1 minute walk from Awa Port (bus stop)

About 15 minutes by car from Yakushima Airport

Reservation method


Online reservation

You can book online or by phone.

Online reservations can be made from the official website, so it is recommended for those who have a computer or smartphone!

Reservations can be made from two months before boarding up to the day before boarding.

▼Tane Yaku Jetfoil Official Site(JP)


Reservation flow

  1. Step1 Condition input
  2. Step2 Choice of shipping service
  3. Step3 Sea freight confirmation
  4. Step4 Customer information input
  5. Step5 Customer information confirmation
  6. Step6 Completion of reservation acceptance

There are 6 steps to complete the reservation.

Follow the flow and fill in the necessary information to complete the reservation!

▼Tane Yaku Jetfoil Official Site(JP)


Telephone reservation

▼Taneyaku High Speed Ferry Reservation Center


business hours

Weekdays 9:00 ~ 17:30

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 9:00 ~ 17:00

Boarding fare

Sea ​​routeAdultChild
Kagoshima⇔Tanegashima■one way : 10,300yen
★round trip : 18,800yen
■one way : 5,150yen
★round trip : 9,400yen
Kagoshima⇔Yakushima■one way : 12,200yen
★round trip : 22,300yen
■one way : 6,100yen
★round trip : 11,150yen
Kagoshima⇔Ibusuki■one way : 8,400yen
★round trip : 15,300円
■one way : 1,750yen
★round trip : 3,150yen
Ibusuki⇔Tanegashima■one way : 8,400yen
★round trip : 15,300yen
■one way : 4,200yen
★round trip : 7,650yen
Ibusuki⇔Yakushima■one way : 9,800yen
★round trip : 17,800yen
■one way : 4,900yen
★round trip : 8,900yen
Tanegashima⇔Yakushima■one way : 5,500yen
★round trip : 10,000yen
■one way : 2,750yen
★round trip : 5,000yen

If you buy a round-trip ticket, you save 1,800 yen for adults and 800 yen for children !

Toppy & Rocket timetable & required time

Sea route
Kagoshima⇔TanegashimaDirect : About 1 hour 35 minutes
Via Ibusuki : About 1 hour 50 minutes
■Via Tanegashima : About 3 hour
★Via Tanegashima : About 2 hour 45 minutes
★Via Ibusuki : About 2 hour
Kagoshima⇔IbusukiAbout 45 minutes
Ibusuki⇔TanegashimaDirect : About 1 hour 05 minutes
Via Yakushima : About 2 hour 20 minutes
Ibusuki⇔Yakushima(Miyanoura)Direct : About 1 hour 15 minutes
Via Tanegashima :About 2 hour
■About 50 minutes
★About 50 minutes

I made a table of the required time for each route!

This time I headed from Tanegashima to Miyanoura Port on Yakushima, but it seems that the required time is the same at Anbo Port.

The departure time varies every year, as the number of services may decrease due to monthly suspension or may increase due to temporary schedules.

Please check the official website for the new timetable.

▼Tane Yaku Jetfoil Official Website Timetable(JP)


On board introduction


The ship I boarded this time is a high-speed ship called Rocket.

The ship was divided into 1st floor and 2nd floor.

When I made a reservation at the reception, I was asked, “Would you like a seat on the 1st floor or the 2nd floor?” So I chose a seat on the 2nd floor.

There is no system for reserved seat fees, so if there are seats available on the day of the event, you can choose your favorite place.

I reserved a seat on the 2nd floor this time, so I climbed the stairs in the center of the ship to the 2nd floor.



There are 241 seats on the high-speed ship Rocket that I boarded this time.

There are 4 special seats called super seats at the front, so if you can afford it, it is recommended to reserve a special seat and ride ( ´ ▽ ` )

I reserved a regular seat.


Baggage such as a rucksack can be stored in the space above the seat.


Passengers with large suitcases should place their luggage in the suitcase storage area on the 1st floor before heading to their seats.


I was able to stretch my legs a little, so the space is just right, not too narrow and not too wide.

It had a black button that could be reclined on the right side.

You can adjust the angle to your liking, but it’s only slightly tilted, so you can’t tilt it as deeply as a night bus.

It was compulsory to wear a seatbelt during the voyage because it was swaying.

The armrests on the seats are movable, so you can lower them during the voyage and raise them when disembarking for smooth boarding and alighting.


There was a retractable table on the back of the seat in front of me, but a drink holder that I could insert a plastic bottle into was cut out.

There is a possibility that slim type PET bottles can slip through, so you need to be careful depending on things (´ ▽ ` ;)

Facilities and equipment around the seat


It contained a safety booklet with rules and precautions for riding a high-speed boat and discount coupons that can be used around Tanegashima and Yakushima.

The translucent black etiquette bag with a handle is not transparent, so it’s nice that it’s hard to tell what’s inside ( ´ ▽ ` )

There is a safety jacket under the seat, so in an emergency, put on the safety jacket under the seat and follow the staff’s instructions.

Although it was limited to the seat on the window side, it was designed to block light with a curtain.

Vending machine


There was a vending machine near the entrance of the ship, next to the stairs to the second floor.

You cannot stand up during the voyage, so you need to purchase it before leaving port.



There are toilets on the 1st and 2nd floors.

Rocket 2, which I boarded this time, had 3 locations on the 1st floor and 1 location on the 2nd floor.

To close

This time, I boarded Jetfoil’s Toppy & Rocket’s Rocket 2.

The impression that I actually got on was fast and comfortable anyway.

It costs twice as much as a car ferry, but the high-speed boat is easier ( ´∀`)

If you are heading from Kagoshima to Tanegashima or Yakushima on Toppy & Rocket, please be careful!

Have a nice voyage! (^O^)/

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